Seventh Anniversary

Today marks the seventh anniversary of this blog. A lot has changed since it started. In the beginning, articles were rarely over 100 words and often were just pointers to an interesting article or video elsewhere. A lot has happened in the last seven years. The biggest change was moving the location of this blog a few months ago and changing from GoDaddy’s BlogCast, which they discontinued, to Word Press.

Here is a copy of the first post:

This is my first blog. I am a Deacon of the International Community of Christ and the Jamilian University of the Ordained. This blog will be primarily about my work within the Church and the community but it is my blog and the posts are not reviewed by any Church officials. They are my thoughts and opinions.

Here are a few statistics:

  • The number of articles posted to date is 2002. Total words is probably somewhere between 600,000 and 700,000. I don’t know exactly because the statistics tool on Word Press doesn’t show that.
  • The most read article is one on the spiritual symbology of butterflies and dragonflies. I don’t really know why, but that article has been read over 35,000 times! A while ago I had to turn off comments on this article because I kept getting the same questions over and over from people who obviously didn’t bother to read the comments in which they were already answered.
  • The most controversial article was the one where I criticized Pope Benedict for reaffirming the Catholic ban on women in the priesthood. I got some very caustic remarks from Catholics on this. Sadly, most of them don’t even know that during the early years of the church women were often priests.
  • In the early years, I did a number of series including Spiritual Symbols, Book Reviews, Crystals and Gems, and Healing Herbs. I think the series on crystals and gems was the longest with fifty five posts.

Thanks to those of you who read this blog regularly and welcome to those who have recently discovered it. I hope I can keep it going for seven more years.LovingHeart


Gone to Greece

I will be leaving early tomorrow  morning on my two-week trip to Greece with 19 other ICC members.  As usual, I will set up some articles to auto post while I’m gone.  If GoDaddy hasn’t fixed the little bug in QuickBlogcast, those who have email subscriptions will probably receive all the stories tonight, but they will post on the blog pages at the date and time I specified.  Most of the stories will just be comments on where I am each day.  I will also try to add some updated information and additional posts from Greece when time and the availability of internet allows.


One Year of Blogging

This blog started one year ago.  Since then, I have posted over 500 stories totaling over 110,000 words.  That’s the size of a typical novel.  I am now averaging over 100 article reads a day!  Since many of the current readers never read some of the earlier stories, I’m going to repost a few of my favorites with new comments or updates over the next few weeks. – Glitter Graphics