mother truth

Mother Truth, Father Knowledge

“Truth is the mother, knowledge the father. Those who think that sinning does not apply to them are called free by the world. Knowledge of the truth can make one arrogant, giving meaning to the words ‘being free.’ It makes them feel superior to the world. But love builds up. Who is really free through knowledge is a slave because of love for those who have not yet attained the freedom of knowledge. Knowledge makes them capable of freedom. Love never calls something its own, yet it too may possess the same thing. Love never says, ‘This is mine,’ or ‘That is mine,’ but ‘All these are yours.’

‘Spiritual love is wine and fragrance. Those nearby also enjoy it from those who are anointed. But if the anointed withdraw and leave, then those unanointed, who are hanging around, remain in their bad odor. The Samaritan gave nothing but wine and oil to the wounded. Only the ointment. It healed the wounds, for ‘love covers a multitude of sins.'” ~The Gospel of Philip

Truth is the Mother

Philip says that Truth is the Mother. The Mother of what? He doesn’t say exactly, but we can reason it out. Philip is talking about a spiritual awakening. He isn’t interested in a mother in the physical sense but in a spiritual sense. That is why he says truth is the mother. Mother Truth is the mother of the awakened soul.

Knowledge is the father

In the same way that truth is the mother of the awakened soul, knowledge is the father. Not ordinary knowledge of the realm of matter, not knowledge you can find in a book at the public library, but knowledge that comes from above.

Child of Knowledge and Truth

So in a sense, the awakened soul is a child given birth by Truth and Knowledge. Another way to say it is that the spirit and soul are awakened by the Spiritual Light of the Spiritual Sun since it is that light that carries Mother Truth and Father Knowledge to us. This is why the Gnostics gave Knowledge such high regard and called this special knowledge Gnosis. The child of Mother Truth and Father Knowledge is the spirit of man awakened and filled with Divine Light so it becomes a conscious Soul.

Arrogant Knowledge

It seems odd that after heaping such praise on Mother Truth and Father Knowledge, that Philip then says that knowledge of truth can make one arrogant. What he is talking about is one who has gained some spiritual truth and some spiritual knowledge, but not enough. Such a person can become arrogant and think they are better than others because they have seen the light, they are no longer religious, but spiritual, they pity the rest of us for not having their knowledge. That don’t seem to get that in their arrogance, they are feeding their ego, not their Soul. The ego is needed in the realm of matter, but it must be kept in check by the Soul. We do that by developing humility and love for all.

Spiritual Love

Philip says spiritual love is “wine and fragrance”. When he says that those near the ones who are “anointed” also enjoy it, he is saying that those who have spiritual love bring joy and love to others. It is something we should all want. He adds, however, that the “unanointed” remain in their bad odors. He is not in this quote referring to anointing in the literal sense, but figuratively. The anointed is another way of saying those who have had a spiritual awakening and have become acquainted with Mother Truth and Father Knowledge.


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