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Living Book of the Sun

“He who cannot accept truth looks only on the surface and makes conclusions which his mind can accept. The same thing happens with him who does not understand the Sacred Book of Life. He is content to seek the superficial truth – he is not ready to seek its real content. As the book is a living and sensible book for one who understands it, so is the Sun a living and sensible book, which only a few can read and understand. Every morning the sun rises and a voice from the invisible world asks if you have read your page for today. The Sun is a book in the pages of which God every day writes something new. You may say that the Sun is something that has no intelligence. The Sun exists – it has abundant light which causes the fruit to ripen, the flower to bloom, the snow and ice to melt – how can it be said that it has no intelligence? The light that the Sun sends to all the plants indicates that there are living beings in the Sun with a high level of intelligence and the ability to reason. Whatever the speculations about the Sun may be, it is important for man to know how to make use of the Sun’s light and warmth and to achieve something from it. One day his eyes will open and he himself will be able to investigate. Therefore I say that man has a great future ahead of him.” ~Beinsa Douno

Looking at the Surface

Many will not believe what Douno is saying about them looking only at the surface truth, and not going deeper to the real truth, yet what he says is correct. And it isn’t limited to the average person who doesn’t care to dig any deeper than what he needs to function in his daily life, get his job done, etc. Even scientists who think they are studying things all the way to the depth of molecules and atoms are still only looking at the surface. The level of matter is but one dimension of being. There are other dimensions above it and when you look at only that part that is in the dimensions of matter, you are looking only at the surface. You are studying the ten percent of the iceberg sticking out of the water and ignoring the ninety percent that is below the surface of the water. With a limited view like that, you may find some truth, but it will be limited, partial, and probably temporary.

As Douno also points out, even those who look beyond matter into the realm of spirit, but do so with an attitude of expecting it to be virtually identical to the dimensions of matter will not understand what they are seeing, feeling, and hearing. They will look at spiritual things with their physical senses and not be able to comprehend them because they will be seeing them in a very distorted way. Only the spiritual faculties of Man can truly see, feel, and hear the spiritual, but they must first be awakened as they are dormant when we arrive in the physical world.

Living Book of Life

What Douno means when he says that the Book of Life is a living Book is that it is not fixed like a printed book. A printed book cannot grow with us, reveal more to us as we grow. A living book can do that. Another name for what Douno calls the Book of Life is the Word of God.

Many believe that the Word of God is trapped in a printed book such as the Bible. One has to remember that the Bible was not written by Jesus or his Apostles. They never put the teaching in writing partly because the true Word of God grows with us. It is not that the Word itself changes, but what part of it can be revealed to Man changes as we change and grow, individually and collectively.

Living Sun

Douno is also correct in saying that the Sun is also a living book. He fails in one point, though. He doesn’t distinguish between the physical sun and the Spiritual Sun. Some of the things he mentions are true of the physical sun, but others are true only of the Spiritual Sun.

The physical sun does warm the planet, give energy to flowers and trees to grow, and even send energies that help our physical bodies, but it does little for our spirits and souls. On the other hand, the sun does have a spirit like everything else and the spiritual sun gives off different energies than the physical one. The most important of these is the special Light that comes directly from God and is known as the Word of God. This Light, which God channels to us through the Spiritual Sun, has the energy that awakens and nourishes the spirit and soul. It is also a carrier of information. Quantum physics says that light carries not only energy but also information. That is true of the Spiritual Sun as well as the physical. The difference is the physical sun is a living book because it carries knowledge of the physical realm. We just have to learn how to tap into it. Some geniuses like Tesla probably did so without even realizing it. The Spiritual Sun is also a living book because it carries knowledge of the spiritual realms. We can tap into that knowledge using our spiritual faculties once they have awakened and been developed. It is a living book because God is living and it carries knowledge of God and His Plan for the redemption of Man. So read a Good Book, a Living Book, the Book of the Spiritual Sun.


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