“Understand this well: the measureless splendor of God, which together with the incomprehensible brightness, is the cause of all gifts and of all virtues—that same Uncomprehended Light transfigures the fruitive tendency of our spirit and penetrates it in a way that is way-less; that is, through the Uncomprehended Light. And in this Light the spirit immerses itself in fruitive rest; for this rest is way-less and fathomless, and one can only know of it through itself—that is, through rest. For could we know and comprehend it, it would fall into mode and measure; then it could not satisfy us; but rest would become an eternal restlessness. For this reason, the simple, loving and immersed tendency of our spirit works within us a fruitive love; and this love calls to us; that is, it calls all of those who are united with the Spirit of God in fruitive love. This inward call is an inundation of the essential brightness, and this essential brightness, enfolding us in eternal love, causes us to be lost to ourselves, and to flow forth from ourselves into the Godhead. And thus united without means, and made one with the Spirit of God, we can meet God through God, and everlastingly possess with Him and in Him our eternal bliss.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Splendor of God

What Ruysbroeck means when he writes of the measureless splendor of God, is that God is the source of all, the creator. He isn’t just some being who was promoted to the job of God. He/She has always been God, always will be God because there is no birth and death in the realm of God.

Incomprehensible Brightness

Another part of that splendor of God is that God is Light. Not ordinary light from a light bulb, or even light from the physical sun, but a different kind of Light, a spiritual Light. It is incomprehensible because it has no limits. It can’t fade out, it can’t be blocked, It can’t be stopped. To turn off this Light would be to stop God Himself, and that is not possible. This great brightness of God is shared in a lesser degree by all spirits, all souls. But when we are born into the fallen realm of matter, our spirits and souls are in a dormant state and have very little Light. They must be awakened and fed spiritual Light in order for them to grow strong and healthy. We do that by taking in the Light of the Spiritual Sun, Which shines down on us all just like the light of the physical sun, but few see it, few make any effort to absorb it. Just as you can hide from the light of the physical sun by sitting under an umbrella, or covering yourself with sunscreen, you can block out the Light of the Spiritual Sun. You do that by having the wrong attitude, the wrong thoughts. You take in more of that light when you intentionally turn to the Spiritual Sun following the practices that have been passed down in legitimate spiritual schools for ages. You do it by looking at that sun with humility, grace, and love in your heart.

Love Calls to Us

The Love of God calls to us, but few are listening. They may think they are listening, but they do so with their physical senses which simply won’t work. That is like trying to hear classical music on a radio tuned to a rock channel, or perhaps more like trying to hear a shortwave channel on an FM radio. You need to use our spiritual faculties to listen to God, to comprehend God. In order to do that, you must first awaken those faculties using the Brightness of the Light from the Spiritual Sun that originates with God.

Flow Into the Godhead

The way to know God is, as Ruysbroeck says, to flow forth into the Godhead. We do that by gradually raising our frequencies and our level of consciousness until we reach that level where heaven operates. It is at that level of consciousness that the great Knowledge that the Gnostics call Gnosis can happen. It is there that we become one with God, one with the All. Then the brightness of the Spiritual Light is our brightness as well.


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