the fullness

“Concerning the fullness, it is I. I was sent down in the body for the seed that had fallen away. And I came down to their mortal model. But they did not recognize me, thinking I was a mortal. I spoke with the one who is mine, and the one who is mine listened to me just as you also who have listened to me today. And I gave him authority to enter into the inheritance of his fatherhood. And I took him . . . filled . . . through his salvation. Since he was deficiency, he became fullness. “Concerning the fact that you are being detained, it is because you are mine. When you strip yourselves of what is corruptible, you will become luminaries in the midst of mortals. “Concerning the fact that you will fight against the powers, it is because they do not have rest like you, since they do not want you saved.”

“The messengers worshiped again, saying, “Lord, tell us, how shall we fight against the rulers, since the rulers are over us?” A voice called out to them from the appearance, saying, “You must fight against them like this, for the rulers fight against the inner person. You must fight against them like this: come together and teach salvation in the world with a promise. And arm yourselves with my father’s power, and express your prayer, and surely the father will help you, as he helped you by sending me. Do not be afraid. I am with you forever, as I already said to you when I was in the body.” Then came lightning and thunder from heaven, and what appeared to them there was taken up to heaven.” ~THE LETTER OF PETER TO PHILIP

The Fullness

The Fullness is another way of saying the One, The All, the Unity of God. The speaker in the quote—who I think is Jesus, but could be any spiritual master—says that he is the Fullness. What that means is not that he is claiming to be all that exists, but that he is one with the all. His consciousness has reached that level of spiritual awareness where everything is known to him. So well known, that it seems as if it is all a part of him.

The Fallen Seed

We humans are the seed that has fallen away. Some will interpret this as meaning that some advanced race of aliens seeded this planet with their DNA, but that isn’t what it means. It means that We were the first beings on planet Earth after the Great Fall created the material universe. Science has us descending from more primitive life forms, but they are wrong. We are descendants of advanced life forms, beings of pure spirit, beings of Light. As the seed on this planet, all other life forms came from us, from our thoughts. Simply because we don’t realize that we create them doesn’t change the fact that we do. But we are the fallen seed because descending into matter is not what God intended for us.

They Did Not Recognize Me

Jesus is not the only heavenly being who descended to Earth and the material plane intentionally to help us find our way back to the realm of spirit where we belong. When such beings from The Fullness arrive here, the vast majority of people do not recognize them for what they are. A small number of spiritually developed people will recognize them, such as the Wise men who recognized Jesus, but not many.

Fighting the Rulers

There have been rulers throughout history who have tried to suppress real religion and spiritual development. Sadly, they have been very successful at it, today perhaps more than ever before. But as the quote says, there is a way to defeat them. Not through violence, not through wars, not by stooping to their level. We defeat them by teaching truth, by practicing spiritual development techniques, and by encouraging and helping others do the same. We can work to remove or prevent laws that limit spiritual freedom. We can vote against politicians who engage in those practices. What we shouldn’t do is use violence. When we use violence, we become part of the problem rather than the solution. When you know that you are in The Fullness, you will have no desire to do violence to others. Until then, you should try to avoid violence anyway.


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