spirit directs

“Zarathustra knew that Spirit directs the course of human evolution. … He had worked in the etheric body since the entrance of the Luciferic nature. It was therefore necessary that a man should appear who had transformed the astral body to the same level that it would have reached in the middle of the Atlantean evolution, had there been no Luciferian influence. Had Lucifer not appeared, mankind would certainly have attained this level before, but without personal independence or the possibility of freedom. Now, however, in spite of those qualities he should again arise to this height. Zarathustra, endowed with prophetic vision, could see that in the future it would be possible, within human evolution, for a personality to exist, who would have a suitable astral body for that purpose. But he also knew that the great Sun-spirit could not appear on earth before that time, though he could be perceived by a seer in the spiritual part of the Sun. When as a seer he turned his attention to the Sun, Zarathustra was able to see this Spirit, whom he proclaimed to his people. He announced that the Sun-spirit was at first to be found only in the spiritual world, but that later He would descend to earth. This was the great Sun-spirit, or Spirit of Light (the Aura of the Sun, Ahura-mazdao, or Ormuzd).” ~Rudolf Steiner

Spirit Directs

Overall, spirit does direct the course of human evolution. When we look at it individually, we may find that it isn’t. That is because few individuals have awakened their spiritual faculties so they are controlled entirely by the physical and mental faculties. That results in devolution to lower, more material forms instead of higher, more spiritual forms. But even though only a small percentage of humanity have awakened their spirits and souls, it is enough to cause the course of evolution to shift towards the spiritual.

Etheric Body

What Steiner is calling the etheric body, most of us today would call the spirit body, or simply the spirit. Zoroaster, who Steiner calls Zarathustra, did work on his etheric body, as does anyone truly interested in spiritual growth. The awakened spirit directs us to do so. The unawakened sometimes need hints from outside sources to get them to start dealing with their spiritual self. Either way, we have to work on the etheric body and the soul to gain eternal life, and that is what spirit directs.

Luciferic Nature

Many undoubtedly wonder here what Steiner is talking about. A holy person with a Luciferic Nature! Is that even possible? Yes, it is. We all have a Luciferic nature, which is our physical body and ego-mind. That doesn’t mean our bodies and minds are inherently evil, but it does mean they must be kept in check with laws, rules, and most of all, an awakened Soul. So again, spirit directs.

Had Lucifer Not appeared

While it is true, as Steiner says, that man would have reached a higher state of spiritual consciousness long ago without the influence of Lucifer, Satan, and their demonic minions, if Lucifer and the other fallen angels hadn’t created in their folly the universe of matter, man would never have become a material being with a hidden spiritual nature in the first place. We would still be pure spirits living in Heaven, or the higher dimensions of spiritual consciousness if you prefer. Instead, w must now make an effort to return to that level of being as spirit directs and as God directs.

Prophetic Vision

Zoroaster probably did have prophetic vision, as did Jesus, Buddha, and many other saints, spiritual adepts, and religious leaders. But that is not something that is limited to such people. We can all have prophetic dreams and visions if we simply awaken and develop our spiritual faculties. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. Of course, not all dreams are prophetic. Some are meaningless, others are about the past. Some are about the present and may reveal things about the present that you were not aware of such as an illness developing in your body. Others are truly prophetic in that they can reveal the future. The problem is that they are very rarely straightforward. The future is revealed only vaguely and then hidden in symbology. You need a good dream dictionary to help you understand them. And the more developed your spiritual faculties are the more prophetic dreams and visions you will have. Again, spirit directs. Awaken your spiritual faculties while you can. You don’t know what tomorrow might bring. If you wait, you may be too late.


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