place we came from

The Place We Came From

“Each one will speak concerning the place from which they have come forth, and to the region from which they received their essential being they will hasten to return once again and receive from that place, the place where they stood before, and they will taste of that place, be nourished, and grow. And their own place of rest is their fullness. All the emanations from the father, therefore, are fullnesses, and all his emanations have their roots in the one who caused them all to grow from himself. He assigned their destinies. They, then, became manifest individually that they might be perfected in their own thought, for that place to which they extend their thought is their root, which lifts them upward through all heights to the father. They reach his head, which is rest for them, and they remain there near to it as though to say that they have touched his face by means of embraces. But they do not make this plain. For neither have they exalted themselves nor have they diminished the glory of the father, nor have they thought of him as small, nor bitter, nor angry, but as absolutely good, unperturbed, sweet, knowing all the spaces before they came into existence and having no need of instruction. Such are they who possess from above something of this immeasurable greatness, as they strain toward that unique and perfect One who exists there for them. And they do not go down to Hades. They have neither envy nor moaning, nor is death in them.” ~Gospel of Truth

Where We Came From

Materialists will say that the place we came from is right here on earth. We were born here, we will die here, there is no afterlife, there is no before life. But they are wrong. We do have a spirit and soul, and they had a life before our physical life on Earth. In fact, since the spirit is immortal, the physical life of seventy or eighty years is but an eye-blink in the course of its existence. The place where we come from, then, is the realm of spirits, the highest level of which we call Heaven or Paradise. We don’t remember it because we arrive in the physical world with our spiritual faculties in a dormant state similar to the physical body being in a coma. Only if we awaken those faculties are we truly aware of our before life and afterlife. We may speculate about it, we may believe in it, but until we are truly awakened, we cannot know it.

Essential Being

The spiritual realm is the place of our essential being. That part of us that is immortal is our essential being, and that part is spirit, not matter. Yet the majority of us spend much time feeding our physical bodies, exercising them, feeding our minds with earthly knowledge, but rarely doing anything for the spirit and soul. Satan and his demonic minions have spread the idea that waiting until we are dead to take care of the spirit and soul is just fine, the way it should be done, and most believe him. That is not, however, what any of the great religious founders or spiritual masters ever taught.

Hasten to Return

It is true that once awakened, the soul wants to return to heaven. It doesn’t like the physical world. It is a fish out of water here. This desire has to be controlled, or awakened people would likely commit suicide. On the positive side, it makes the awakened brave because they have no fear of death.

Manifest Individually That They Might Be Perfected

We hear a lot about manifesting today. Every spiritual group on social media has people talking about manifesting success or asking questions on how to do it. Manifesting can be a spiritual thing, but the way most people are using it, it isn’t. Trying to manifest a new car, job, or just more money is a material thing, not spiritual. So what the Gospel of Truth means when it advises that we Manifest individually that we might be perfected is that we use this power of manifestation for dealing with what is real, rather than to simply manipulate the Great Illusion called Matter. We should seek to manifest a better self, a higher self, a more spiritual self. We should manifest that which will return us to the place we came from.

Knowing all the Spaces

A fully awakened person knows all the spaces and the spaces between spaces even though he has never physically been to most of them. It is this knowledge that has resulted in the confused idea of reincarnation. The one who can spiritually return to the place we came from on a regular basis knows these things without the need to live them physically. They also tap into the part of the mind that contains the memories of ancestors. You don’t have to live a thousand lives in matter in order to know them all, you just have to return to the place we came from and become One with the All. When you are One with the All, you know all times, all places, all dimensions of being. Then you are truly at the place we came from called Heaven or Paradise.


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