infinite spirit

Infinite Spirit

“How shall we approach this subject, which even the most advanced minds in the flesh today can but faintly comprehend? How can the finite express or comprehend the infinite? Spirit, man’s seventh principle, is the Divine Spark – our most precious inheritance from the Divine Power – a ray from the Central Sun – the real Self. Words cannot express it. Our minds fail to grasp it. It is the soul of the Soul. To understand it we must understand God, for Spirit is a drop from the Spirit Ocean – a grain of sand from the shores of the infinite – a particle of the Sacred Flame. It is the something within us which is the cause of our evolution through all the weary ages. It was the first to be, and yet it will be the last to appear in full Consciousness.

“When man arrives at a full consciousness of Spirit, he will be so much higher than man that such a being is at present inconceivable to the intellect. Confined in many sheaths of matter, it has waited through the long and weary ages for even a faint recognition. … Man will ascend many steps of development – from man to archangel – before Spirit will fully claim its own.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Faintly Comprehend

There are many people today who believe they fully understand the spirit and soul and the complete and complex structure that is a human being, but very few of them actually do. I am not claiming to be one of them, yet I think I have been given a better understanding of it as a student of Cosolargy than most others who call themselves spiritual. It is a simple fact, as Atkinson states, that the human mind is not capable of understanding spirit and soul as they exist outside the limitations of matter which is all the mind can truly understand.

Ray of the Central Sun

I have quoted Atkinson and others in older posts about the concept of the Central Sun. The idea is rarely explained but is fairly obvious. If there are many suns, there must be a Central Sun, a Lead Sun, a Sun that is the greatest of all suns. But why should we as spiritual students care about any sun, let alone some theoretical Central Sun? We should care because of what the prophet Malachi told us about the coming Sun of Righteousness, which is here, now, in our time! Just as physical beings and even physical objects have a spirit, so does a star or sun. Planets and moons have spirits too, of course, but it is the Spiritual Suns that matter to us. The Spiritual Suns are all linked on a spiritual and energetic level with every other sun including that great Central Sun.

There are suns within us as well. The energy centers commonly called chakras are, in a very real way, miniature suns. As such, they connect us to other suns, stars, and the Central Sun.

Spirit Ocean

It is true that our spirit is a drop in the spirit ocean, but it is not like matter. When you put a drop of water in the ocean, it quickly blends with all other drops and becomes indistinguishable. It loses all individuality. Some spiritual schools teach that such an end to the Self is the goal, but it isn’t. We have a spirit Self for a reason. I think a more apt comparison is that of an individual brink in a grat wall of many bricks, or, as Atkinson also notes, a grain of sand on an infinite beach. The tiny grain of sand may seem insignificant, but it is part of that great infinite shore that offers solace to those drowning in the illusions of matter. And like the bricks in the brick wall, each grain of sand remains an individual though being very much a part of the infinite shore of spiritual reality. We cannot claim to be infinite spirit, but only a small part of it. While it is true, to some degree, that like a hologram, the whole is in every part, none of us who is honest can claim to understand the whole physical universe, let alone the spiritual one. So while we are a part of that whole, we don’t yet comprehend the whole.

Full Consciousness

There are many levels of consciousness. We are not at the highest, but the good news is we are not at the lowest level either (though we may question that with some). Indeed, even within the human race, we are at several different levels of consciousness. The even better news is that we are capable of developing our spirit and soul and slowly, over a period of years, raising their consciousness to higher and higher levels until we reach the level where we are one with Infinite Spirit and Infinite Consciousness. When we reach that level, we will comprehend the whole of reality and truly be Infinite Spirit. First, however, we must start by turning to the Spiritual Sun to awaken our spirits and souls.


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