great God

The Great God

“Through a primary revelation of the first one, which is unknown to all, I saw the God that is greater than perfection, and the triple power that exists in all. I was seeking the ineffable, unknowable god, of which people are ignorant even if they understand it at all, the mediation of the triple power, which is located in stillness and silence and is unknowable. When I was empowered by these things, the powers of the luminaries said to me, You have done enough to hinder the inactivity that is in you by seeking what is incomprehensible. Rather, hear about it, as is possible, through a primary revelation and a revelation. Does it exist through its own being, or does it exist and will it come further into being? Does it act? Does it know? Is it alive? For it has no mind, no life, nothing real—and nothing unreal, incomprehensibly. Does it come from what it has? No, there is nothing at all left over, as if it causes something to be undertaken, or it purifies something, or it receives or gives something. Nor is it limited by its own desire or by giving or by receiving from another. Its desire is not from itself, nor does desire come to it from anything else, yet it does not give anything of itself, or it would be limited. Thus it has no need of mind or life or anything, for it is greater than all in its ultimacy and incomprehensibility, in nonexistent reality. It has silence and stillness not to be limited by the unlimited.” ~Vision of the Foreigner

Greater Than Perfection

The Foreigner, whoever he may have been, says in this Gnostic text, that The God he calls the First One is greater than perfection. That is a statement that is hard to comprehend. How can anyone, or any being, be greater than perfection? In other places that I didn’t include in the quote, he goes on to say this Great God is not eternal, but beyond eternal, not all-knowing, but beyond all-knowing. He seems to be denying almost all attributes we associate with God, but he isn’t. What he is saying is that our limited human minds have a limited concept of what perfection is and the Great God is more perfect than that limited definition. We have a limited ability to understand the concept of eternity, but the Great God is the embodiment of eternity beyond our understanding. In short, he is saying that God is beyond the comprehension of the human mind. On the other hand, the human soul is capable of understanding God, but only if it has been truly awakened to full consciousness.

The God of Which People are Ignorant

Many will understandably deny this, but the truth is that the vast majority of humanity, include most who are religious, do not know God. The god they know is almost always some aspect of the false god, the demiurge who created the world of matter. This is the god who gets angry and jealous. Jealous of who? The Great God, of course, the real God.

The Triple Power

The power of the trinity is known in many religions and spiritual schools. It is not a concept confined to Christianity. What Christians did do with the concept, because of their strong male orientation, is change the trilogy to all male, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (or Ghost) with the Holy Spirit always being male as well. The original version of this trilogy is Father, Mother, and Child, and it is a trilogy that holds great power when understood. It basically means that when the two opposite forces—male and female, hot and cold, spirit and matter—are brought together properly, a third is created as represented by the child. This is one of the great secrets of creation if we could only understand it.

Hear About God Through Revelation

The truth of the real God, the Great God, comes to us through revelations, visions, and dreams, not through intellectual speculations and debates. So if you want to know the Great God, if you want to communicate with that greatest of beings so Great that to call Him a being is to limit him, you must awaken your spirit and soul. The best way, the way practiced in secret in most of the great mystery schools of the past, is by using spiritual sun gazing. A few spiritual writers in recent centuries have mentioned this, but it is largely ignored. To my knowledge, Cosolargy is the only spiritual school active today teaching Spiritual Sun Gazing, which is taking in energy from the Spiritual Sun that awakened our spiritual faculties allowing them to communicate with the Great God. There are other schools teaching sun gazing, but it is mostly limited to gazing at the physical sun, which does not awaken the spirit and soul.


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