faith in God

“The success of a person depends on their faith: their faith in God, their neighbor and themselves. Be glad when you meet a smart person, it is a blessing for you. …

“There are countless abilities in Man’s soul, because it is the expression of God Himself. The soul is made of the image and likeness of God. One cannot understand these things until he tries them. You say: ‘I believe in God.’ Firstly, think about God, then you will feel God. You have to become a servant of God; you have to do something for Him. If you have a Lord for whom you have not thought the best, if you have not put Him in ypuself to think the best, to have the best feelings, to do good things for Him, to do favors for others, you cannot know God.

“The name we have for God is not the true one, because if we know His true name, it will get stained. The one who pronounces the name of God must possess pure heart and deeds. When you pronounce the name of God, pronounce it with that Love, faith, and hope as if God is something great.

“In love, there are no difficulties. In love, there is no suffering. In love, there are no misunderstandings. … I say: love is a nice world where I can rest; in love is paradise. … Allow love to start acting in you where it has not acted so far.” ~Biensa Douno

Having Faith

Faith is belief in God, people, or ideals. We all need to have faith in something. We should start with having faith in ourselves and in God. Once we have that, we should develop faith in others and faith in ideas and beliefs. Hopefully, we are discerning enough to have faith in ideas ad beliefs that are true, not unproven fantasies. If we can’t develop faith in others, we can’t trust others. If we can’t trust others, we can’t learn from them.

Some will argue that faith in God is faith in the unproven and unprovable, but that isn’t true. The existence of a Supreme Being or Force is logical and provable, although the methods of proof may not meet the criteria of physical science. God, being spirit, cannot be proven by the rules of matter, or He would be matter. But there are sciences of spirit that allow the existence of God to be proven, or at least shown to be probable.

A Smart Person

In the context of the quote from Douno, I think it can reasonably be assumed that what he means by a smart person is one who is spiritually smart, that is one who has faith in God and humanity. This doesn’t mean he has faith in every individual. That would be foolishly naive. In man having faith in most of humanity, while being smart enough to recognize that there are some we can’t have faith in.

Man’s Soul

I’m not sure what the abilities are that Douno says the soul has, but it is an expression of God. As such, it can link to God and higher dimensions of consciousness giving it access to great knowledge and wisdom. That only happens, though, if the spirit and soul are awakened from the dormant state they are in when we are born into the physical world. The spirit and soul are creations of God, the body and mind are the creations of the Demiurge—the false god. It is the awakened and developed soul that can free us from the realm of matter. The body and mind cannot do that. So one thing we need to have faith in is the ability of our own eternal soul to help us rise to Heaven and become one with the All.

Servant of God

A lot of us misunderstand the idea of becoming a servant of God. We often equate being a servant with being a slave, but it is not the same thing. A servant does so by choice. If you are an apprentice for a master craftsman in some field, you might use another word such as “assistant” but you are nonetheless a servant of the master. God is the Master of all Masters, so we must all serve him by following His Laws and contributing to His Plan for world redemption. This is a choice we make out of love, not bondage forced upon us.

Name of God

It is true that none of us know the true name of God, with the possible exception of some spiritual masters. That is because all the names we give Him are made up by humans. We love to give everything names, and God is no exception. But one reason we will never know God’s true name is that a name tends to be a limiting thing, and God has no limitations. So we have faith in God, even if we don’t know His true name (if He even has one). And we have faith in each other because we have souls and spirits that are a part of God, a part of the All.


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