The Fiery Devourers

“Reality: on that of manifested, hence illusive, being, its particles are fiery lives which live and have their being at the expense of every other life that they consume. Therefore they are named the DEVOURERS. Every visible thing in this universe was built by such LIVES, front conscious and divine primordial man down to the unconscious agents that construct matter. … From the ONE LIFE formless and Uncreated, proceeds the Universe of lives. First was manifested from the Deep (Chaos) cold luminous fire (gaseous light?) which formed the curds in space. (irresolvable nebulae, perhaps?) … These fought, nd a great heat was developed by the encountering and collision, which produced rotation. Then came the first manifested material. Fire, the hot flames, the wanderers in heaven (comets?); heat generates moist vapor; that forms solid water; then dry mist, then liquid mist, watery, that puts out the luminous brightness of the pilgrims (comets?) and forms solid watery wheels (matter globes). Bhumi (the Earth) appears with six sisters. These produce by their continuous motion the inferior fire, heat, and an aqueous mist, which yields third world element – Water. And from the breath of all (atmospheric) Air is born. These four are the four lives of the first four periods (Rounds) of Manvantara. The three last will follow.” ~H. P. Blavatsky (Quoting and translating from The Secret Doctrine)

Fiery Lives

The beings with fiery lives that are depicted here as creating the physical universe are none other than the beings we call Devils, or Fallen Angels. They are collectively called The Demiurge in Gnostic literature.

The Devourers

The Devils, Demons, or Fallen Angels can rightly be called Devourers. After they fell from Heaven, they became dependent on other lives to sustain their own. Only through killing other beings could they survive. A sorry state to be in, yet they accepted it and did what they had to in order to stay alive.

Sons and Daughters of the Devourers

If you haven’t already realized it, we humans, like virtually all forms of physical life, are also Devourers. We have to kill and eat other beings to survive. And, yes, that includes Vegans. Plants are living beings just as much as animals are, so the idea that you are not killing because you’re vegan is false. What this should tell us is that we are just as much the children of the Devourers as we are children of God. Our spirits and souls come from God, but our physical body comes from the Devourers. That is why we exist in this confused state between good and bad, spirit and matter. And as the Native American legend of the Two Wolfs says, which one succeeds depends on which one you feed.

From the One Life

From the One Life, comes all others. On the spiritual level, that One Life is God. On the physical level, it is the Demiurge. But since the Demiurge is also a creation of God, the physical world is indirectly a part of the Kingdom of God. A part separate from the rest so it cannot pollute the spiritual worlds with death, disease, or the other “gifts” of the Devourers. Our task as spiritual students is to aid in the process of turning it back into a world or God. It must be transformed back into spirit, starting with us working with God to transform ourselves.

The Inferior Fire

I don’t think we need to go through each line of the quote describing the details of the creation of the physical realm, except one. The Inferior Fire is a point worth looking at. The Inferior Fire must be something less than the fire of the Devourers as they are its creator. It must also, of course, be less than the Light of the True God of Spirit. This Inferior Fire is the physical sun. But just as we have a spirit, so does the sun. The Spiritual Sun is from God and acts as a window or portal between Heaven and Earth. The Light (Fire) that flows from that Sun awakens our spirits and Souls, feeds the good wolf, and turns us away from the Devourers. So if you want real spiritual development, turn to that Spiritual Sun.


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