motion without time

Acts and Motion Without Time

“Just as Act is timeless, so there is no reason why Motion also should not primarily be timeless, time attaching to it only in so far as it happens to have such and such an extension.

“Timeless change is sanctioned in the expression, ‘as if change could not take place all at once’; if then change is timeless, why not motion also? Change, be it noted, is here distinguished from the result of change, the result being necessary to establish the change itself.

“We may be told that neither Act nor Motion requires a genus for itself, but that both revert to Relation. Act belongs to the potentially active, Motion to the potentially motive. Our reply is that Relation produces relatives as such, and not the mere reference to an external standard; given the existence of a thing, whether attributive or relative, it holds its essential character prior to any relationship so then must Act and Motion, and even such an attribute as habit; they are not prevented from being prior to any relationship they may occupy, or from being conceived in themselves. Otherwise, everything will be relative, for everything you think of—even soul—bears some relationship to something else.” ~Plotinus

Acts Without Time

It seems to be a contradiction to says that acts can happen without time, yet that is the case. When we are trapped in the realm of time, the world of matter, it is difficult to see how that is possible. We see that in order to act, there has to be a change, and time is nothing more than a convenient way to measure the constant change that is taking place around us. But what is true in the realm of matter is not true in spiritual realms. In those worlds, there is no time, no growing old, no death. Yet one must be able to perform acts in those realms or they would have no function, no purpose.

Motion Without Time

If it is difficult to consider that acts can happen without time, it is even harder to see motion happening without time. Once again, however, it does happen. The realms of spirit do not change in the same way that the physical world is constantly changing, yet motion does exist there. It may be a different kind of motion, yet it is motion. In some cases, this motion is constant, never changing, so not really a change at all. The flow of God’s Light is such a motion. It is constantly moving, yet is not subject to time. What is called The Breath of God, the life force that flows from God, is another motion. This motion is also constant and not subject to time.

Acts and Motion Without Time

So if we can have acts without time in spiritual worlds, and motion without time in those same places, we can have acts involving motion that is not constant, yet is still outside of time. This one really seems hard to grasp, but it is only because of our belief in linear time. We think that if an object changes over time in the physical world, that it is impossible for the different states of that object to exist simultaneously, and that is what is required for it to be outside of time. But just as there can be many universes that exist at the same time, there can be many states of the same object that exist all at once, and we simply choose to see it through linear time as a matter of convenience. That may or may not be true in the physical world, but it is definitely true in the spiritual. It is why Jesus could appear as a child to one person and as an old man to another only minutes apart. It was not so much that His appearance was an illusion, it was because He existed outside of linear time.

Why it Matters

It matters to us that motion without time is a real thing because without motion in the spiritual worlds where there is no time, there could be no flow of God’s Light, and it is that flow of Light that reaches us through the Spiritual Sun to awaken our dormant spiritual faculties. We need to awaken and develop those faculties if we are to reach Heaven. The idea that simply because our physical body dies we will automatically go to Heaven is nonsense. No great mystic, no spiritual leader, no founder of any of the world’s great religions ever taught such nonsense. They all taught that it took devotion and hard work to get to Heaven. They taught that the Soul must be awakened while we are still living on the physical plane if we are to have any chance of achieving that goal. So look to the physical sun*, and beyond it to the Spiritual Sun, to take in that Divine Light full of Motion without Time.

* Never stare directly at the sun. That can cause serious eye damage.


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