light of meekness

In the Light of Meekness

“Where the soul stands before God, and mixes with the Will of the justice of the Father, who sets His Will before Him (in the breaking of the darkness) in the Light of the Meekness, and continually generates his beloved heart and Son in the virtue of the Meekness of the Will, viz. His eternal Word from Eternity.

“And so should the angelical Man also set his will in the broken Gates of the Darkness, through the Will of the Father, where the Soul mingles in the Meekness of the heart of God, and then the Source of the Darkness, in the fierce wrathfulness, shall not have stirred him, but he should have continued a glorious Prince of Paradise, in triumph over the Kingdom of Hell and of this World.

“But when he sets his imagination in the kingdom of this world, then the bright and clear Will of his Soul drew the swelled Kingdom of the outbirth to the Soul in its Will; and so the pure paradisiacal Soul became dark, and the elements of the body got the Mesch which the Will of the Soul of the mind attracted into the body, and then he was a fleshly man, and got the fierceness of the First Principle, which the strong Breaking through to God, in the Gate of the Deep, made to be hard like bone.” ~Jacob Boehme

Light of Meekness, Light of Glory

It doesn’t seem logical to call the greatest and most powerful Light that exists, the Light of Meekness, yet it is appropriate. Those who are able to access this Light are those who live in meekness and humility, so in that way, it is the Light of Meekness. But it is the greatest of Lights because it is the First Light, the Light from God, the Light of Glory. I think it is probably this Light of Meekness that people report seeing during a near-death experience. I know it is the Light that Mystics of all ages have credited with awakening their spiritual faculties.

Angelic Man in the Light of Meekness

Boehme says that should angelic man set his will “in the broken gates of the Darkness”, in other words, in materialism rather than in the spiritual, he will face the “fierce wrathfulness”. This makes many think that holy men like Boehme are saying that God will become angry and vengeful against them. That is not true. God does not become angry or vengeful. But neither does he consider all behavior to be acceptable. So those who live in the arrogance of overblown ego, and believe they can do whatever they want and still go to Heaven are wrong. No real mystical or spiritual school ever taught such nonsense. The Will of God must be obeyed. The Plan of God must be followed. The spirit and Soul must be awakened and developed in the Light of Meekness.

A Prince of Paradise

We humans have not always been subject to death, disease, ignorance, etc. Those are traits we gained by falling into matter. When we were pure spirits we had no such weaknesses, and we were all full of the Light of Meekness. In fact, that light is the only “food” we ate. We did not have to destroy other beings and feed on them. So we were princes and princesses in paradise. We lost that, but not necessarily permanently. It is our choice. We can choose to break out of the cycle of death, disease, and ignorance in the material world, and move on to an eternal life in truth and perfect health in the realm of spirit. Or we can choose to stay material, get sick and die, and avoid the Light of Meekness.

Soul Became Dark

I have to disagree with Boehme on this one. The soul did not “become dark” if that means it became evil and ignorant. The soul, being pure spirit, can’t do that. What can happen is that the Soul becomes dormant, like being in a coma. It is unable to act, unable to advise, unable to guide us into the Light of Meekness. Sadly, that is the condition the vast majority of humans are in today. But it can still be overcome.

We may have a dormant spirit and soul for now, but we can also awaken and revive those spiritual faculties and make them dominant over the materialistic ego. But it doesn’t just happen by wishing it so or by pretending it is already done. It has to be worked at by turning to the Spiritual Sun and taking in the Light of Meekness that flows from that Sun. Only that spiritual energy truly revives the sleeping soul. Only the Light of Meekness can turn ordinary men and women into super beings of Light.


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