torture of samsara

Rescued From Samsara

“We who are miserable and with no hope would have stayed in the torture of samsara, not finding the end of your path. You set up the ladder of wisdom, you let us supersede the five forms of being, and you delivered us. We who were fettered in suffering were rescued from rebirth to see the Buddha-like sun god who is like you. For those tied to transitory pleasure, you preached the true law. You carried them across the sea of suffering to the good nirvana. For those tied to the root of attachment to the world, you revealed the road to the realm of the Buddhas, you raised a Sumeru mountain of virtue, you let them find endless happiness. For those plunged in the water of pride, you showed the bridge of the true law. You took understanding of the good law into their hearts. You entrusted them to the holy assembly. For those confused by the six organs of perception you showed the rising and falling states of being. You revealed what is the suffering of those in the Avici, the deepest Buddhist hell. You let them be reborn in the blessed fivefold heaven of light. Look for the ways of salvation, you crossed lands going to every side. When you found humans needing salvation, you rescued all.” ~Parthian Songs

Torture of Samsara

Samsara means the physical world, fallen world, or world of matter. More specifically, it is usually used to mean the continued reincarnation on that world in a physical form. While we in Cosolargy do not believe in this continuous cycle of physical rebirth, we certainly do understand the desire to escape from the mundane world of matter.

Some may think that torture is an undeservedly harsh word to describe living in the physical realm, but it isn’t. The people who spend their entire lives in poverty, enslavement, or with a chronic disease will agree with that word choice, but many others will not. That is because when you have known nothing but a mild form of enslavement, you don’t think of it as being so bad. When you have been brought up to believe that every person’s duty is to slowly work themselves to death in jobs you don’t particularly like doing, you still think that is acceptable. It shouldn’t be. But saying that is like Jonathan Livingston Seagull telling the other gulls there is more to life than just following the fishing boats to get scraps of fish to eat.

The good news is that a growing number of people are awakening to the fact that there is something beyond the torture of Samsara, there is an eternal world of spirit where there is no death, no disease, no greed, or other negative aspects.

Ladder of Wisdom

The universe does have a ladder of wisdom, or if you prefer many levels of consciousness. Living in the torture of Samsara is being trapped in one of the lower levels, the level of Plato’s cave where the people think shadows are reality because the shadows are all they know. The physical realm is the realm of shadows.

The goal of spiritual development is to slowly climb that ladder of wisdom, one step at a time until we reach the highest level of consciousness. We will then be way beyond the reach of the torture of Samsara. The highest level of consciousness is Oneness with God. The highest level of Wisdom is the all-knowing state called Gnosis. They are the same thing.

Sun God Like You

First and foremost, the sun is not God. Even the Spiritual Sun is not God. It is an agent of God, carrying and distributing God’s Redeeming Light, nothing more. If that is what you consider a god to be, that is fine, but we in Cosolargy do not think of the Spiritual Sun as a god, only an agent of God.

As for the sun being like us, that is true in many ways. One way is that we were both created to serve God. Another is that we both give off light, although the amount we give off is far less than what the Spiritual Sun gives off.

In another way, though, we are different. The Spiritual Sun, like the physical sun, gives off light that is neutral. It is not sent out to perform a specific task or carry a specific thought. We, on the other hand, can take in that neutral light and send out some of it to others with specific thoughts attached to it to make it better. We can send light with thoughts of healing to the sick, light with thoughts of spiritual awakening to those on the verge of awakening, etc. This makes our role in distributing that Divine Light an important one.

Those who believe they are trapped in the torture of Samsara won’t bother to send light to others filled with positive and beneficial thoughts. Those who have escaped Samsara, even while still in the physical world, will do it to the best of their abilities. And the more they help others, the more beings at higher levels of consciousness will help them.


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