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The One Reality

“Of all those forms of life and thought with which humanity has feed its cravings for truth, mysticism alone postulates, and in the persons of the great initiates proves, not only the existence of the Absolute, but also this link: this possibility first of knowing, finally of attaining it. It denies that possible knowledge is to be limited 9a) to the sense impressions, (b) th any process of intellection, (c) to the unfolding of the content of normal consciousness. Such diagrams of experience, it says, are helplessly incomplete. The mystics find the basis of their method not in logic but in life: in the existence of a discoverable ‘real,’ a spark of true being, within the seeking subject, which can, in that ineffable experience which they call the ‘act of union,’ fuse itself with and thus apprehend the reality of the sought Object. In theological language, their theory of knowledge is that the spirit of man, itself essentially divine, is capable of immediate communion with God, the One Reality.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Mysticism Postulates

Mysticism isn’t about speculation, of listening to the idea of others, even those giving themselves the title “guru,” but about discovering truth for ourselves. If you pay attention to spiritual groups on social media, you know they are always putting down religion because. According to them, religion is about believing in someone else’s experiences, while spirituality is about having your own. They then go on to prove with that very statement, as well as almost everything else they post, that what they believe and practice is what they have gotten from others, not their own knowledge! Real mystics don’t do that, nor do real spiritual students. And while we are at it, putting down the beliefs of others is also not the behavior of real mystics or spiritual adepts. The fact that we have leaner some things others haven’t learned yet does not make us superior beings, and those who think it does are feeding overblown egos.

Senses and Intellect

Mysticism does deny that knowledge is limited to the physical senses and the intellect. Higher levels of knowledge are found in higher levels of consciousness that are beyond the limits of intellect. The highest levels are spiritual in nature and only accessible to the spiritual faculties. Real spiritual schools teach this as well. True knowledge, or Gnosis, comes from the awakened spiritual faculties, not from the intellect, and certainly not from reading books. Books can point you in the right direction, but the truth must be experienced by each individual. The one reality is not looked up in any book.

Normal Consciousness

Even normal consciousness is limited. It must be expanded and raised to higher levels. This is what the mystics learned to do, primarily using the energy from the Spiritual Sun. It takes a lot of energy to climb a physical mountain. It also takes a lot of energy to climb the mountain of consciousness. The best source of that energy is the Spiritual Sun. The mystics understood that, though it is knowledge they shared with few.

Not in Logic

The mystics found that intellectual speculations and debates may have been an interesting mental exercise, but they were not a path to truth and the one reality. The one reality isn’t really hidden from us. It is we who hide from the one reality. Not intentionally, for the most part, but because we have been taught to do so by overly materialistic governments and educational institutions controlled by those governments.

Intellect and logic have their place. That place is the world of matter. But it can only speculate about the spiritual worlds, not actually know them. That is the job of the awakened soul. The one reality, the true reality, is spiritual. The material universe is an aberration created by the fallen angels known in Gnosticism as the Demiurge.

One Reality

Knowing the One Reality is more than just knowing that there are spiritual realms beyond the physical. It is becoming one with the highest levels of that one reality. Only by joining in it, being part of it, can we truly know all that is knowable. Only by becoming one with God do we truly know God who created the One Reality of spirit.


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