golden chalices

“Of the Two Golden Chalices of Sorrow and of Comfort. I, slothful sinner that I am, kneel down at my hour of prayer, and it seemed to me as if God were unwilling to give me the least measure of His grace. Then would I fain have wept and mourned, because of my sinful desires; for it seemed to me that they were the hindrance to my spiritual gladness. But no, said my soul, think rather of the faithfulness of God, and praise Him for His goodness. Glory be to God in the highest! And as I praised, there shone a great light into my soul; and in the light, God showed Himself to me in great majesty, and in unspeakable glory. And it was as if He held up in His hands two golden chalices, and both were full of living wine. In the left hand was the red wine, the wine of sorrow, and in the right hand the most holy consolation. Then did the Lord say, “There are some who drink of this wine alone, although I pour out both in My divine love. Yet the golden wine is in itself the noblest, and most noble are those who drink of both, the red wine and the golden.” ~Matilda of Magdeburg

Golden Chalices

Matilda calls the two “Chalices” sorrow and comfort. They could also be called positive and negative, dark and light, etc. The important thing to understand with these chalices is that while circumstances will force us to occasionally drink from the chalice of sorrow, we can choose to do most of our drinking from the chalice of comfort.

There Shone a Great Light

The brilliant light reported in near-death experiences over the past few decades is not something new. People have been seeing that light for many centuries. But only a few ever see it. A near-death experience is one way that it can happen. Another is by practicing the spiritual awakening techniques that have been taught in mystery schools for centuries. This light can be found in one of the allegorical golden chalices of Matilda’s story. That light is found in the chalice of comfort, joy, and truth. That chalice is the Spiritual Sun or Sun of Righteousness. This Spiritual Sun is a portal between Heaven and Earth, or if you prefer, between the material third dimension and the spiritual fifth dimension.

God Showed Himself

While many are taught that God cannot show Himself to us, it is not true. It does happen to very advanced spiritual people. They don’t see God as an old man sitting on a cloud as artists often depict Him. They see God as a pure spirit shining with the Greatest Light of all lights. The same Light that is seen in the chalice of comfort.

Golden Chalices Full of Wine

Matilda is not the first to use wine in an allegorical way, but she may be the only one to use red wine to represent the negative and gold wine to represent the positive. Wine is often used in spiritual allegory in several of the world’s major religions. I have written about it before, so just a brief summary. Wine is often symbolic of spiritual growth. Turning water into wine, much like the real alchemists turning lead into gold, means turning materialistic people into awakened spiritual ones. It also makes sense that Matilda has red wine represent sorrows or negativity. Red represents the lowest energy center (chakra) and is the most materialistic color and energy center. Gold always represents spiritual things. Gold also represents the sun, especially the Spiritual Sun. She could as well have used white wine because white represents the highest, most spiritual energy center, but perhaps she did not know that.

The Most Noble

So why would Matilda say that those who drink from both golden chalices are the most noble? It is because we don’t seek growth when we are comfortable where we are. We need some sorrows, some difficulties to make us seek change. But once we are headed down that spiritual path, we need to work on getting the negative out of our lives and emphasize the positive.


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