spiritual wealth

Spiritual Wealth Should be Shared

Share Spiritual Wealth

“If there is a rich man, and he makes a costly repast, he spreads out of his wealth and the treasure that he has, and is under no fear that he will run short of anything. … The poor man, who has no such wealth, if he wishes to provide a repast for a few friends, has to borrow the very dishes, the drapery, and everything else. … When it is over, he gives back to each person that which he borrowed. … He himself remains poor and naked. …

“In the same way, when those who are rich in the Holy Ghost, really having the heavenly wealth and the fellowship of the Spirit in themselves, speak to any words of truth, when they impart spiritual discourses to any souls, it is out of their own wealth and out of their own treasure; …. and they have no fear that they should run short. … But one who is poor [in spiritual wisdom], and does not possess of the wealth of Christ, and has no spiritual wealth in his soul,… even if he wishes to speak a word of truth, … yet not possessing it in himself, but only repeating from memory, and borrowing from various parts of the Bible, or what he has heard from spiritual people, … he himself remains naked and poor, having no treasure of the Spirit for his own, upon which he draws.” ~St. Macarius the Egyptian

Having Spiritual Wealth

The main point that St. Macarius is making is that before we can share spiritual “Wealth” or spiritual knowledge with others, we must have it in ourselves. He further says that it should not be second-hand spiritual wealth, which is to say, sharing the knowledge of others rather than that which is in ourselves.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t tell others you believe in the Bible and quote some favorite passages. Nor does it mean you can’t quote some modern spiritual guru. The important thing is that you must give credit to the author of the quote and be sure that you know it and practice it yourself before recommending it to others. Just reading spiritual writings doesn’t make you spiritual. Just quoting from someone else’s spiritual experiences doesn’t either. Continue reading “Spiritual Wealth Should be Shared”

golden chalices

Golden Chalices of Sorrow and Comfort

“Of the Two Golden Chalices of Sorrow and of Comfort. I, slothful sinner that I am, kneel down at my hour of prayer, and it seemed to me as if God were unwilling to give me the least measure of His grace. Then would I fain have wept and mourned, because of my sinful desires; for it seemed to me that they were the hindrance to my spiritual gladness. But no, said my soul, think rather of the faithfulness of God, and praise Him for His goodness. Glory be to God in the highest! And as I praised, there shone a great light into my soul; and in the light, God showed Himself to me in great majesty, and in unspeakable glory. And it was as if He held up in His hands two golden chalices, and both were full of living wine. In the left hand was the red wine, the wine of sorrow, and in the right hand the most holy consolation. Then did the Lord say, “There are some who drink of this wine alone, although I pour out both in My divine love. Yet the golden wine is in itself the noblest, and most noble are those who drink of both, the red wine and the golden.” ~Matilda of Magdeburg

Golden Chalices

Matilda calls the two “Chalices” sorrow and comfort. They could also be called positive and negative, dark and light, etc. The important thing to understand with these chalices is that while circumstances will force us to occasionally drink from the chalice of sorrow, we can choose to do most of our drinking from the chalice of comfort.

There Shone a Great Light

The brilliant light reported in near-death experiences over the past few decades is not something new. People have been seeing that light for many centuries. But only a few ever see it. A near-death experience is one way that it can happen. Another is by practicing the spiritual awakening techniques that have been taught in mystery schools for centuries. This light can be found in one of the allegorical golden chalices of Matilda’s story. That light is found in the chalice of comfort, joy, and truth. That chalice is the Spiritual Sun or Sun of Righteousness. This Spiritual Sun is a portal between Heaven and Earth, or if you prefer, between the material third dimension and the spiritual fifth dimension. Continue reading “Golden Chalices of Sorrow and Comfort”

splendor always there

Splendor Always There in Eternal Light

“It really seems as though the mystics’ attainment of new levels of consciousness did bring with it the power of perceiving a splendor always there, but beyond the narrow range of our poor sight; to which it is only a ‘luminous darkness’ at the best. ‘In Eternal Nature, or the Kingdom of Heaven,’ said Law, ‘materiality stands in life and light.’ The cumulative testimony on this point is such as would be held to prove, in any other department of knowledge, that there is indeed an actual light, ‘lighting the very light’ and awaiting the recognition of man.

“Consider the accent of realism with which St. Augustine speaks of in his own experience of Platonic Contemplation; a passage in which we seem to see a born psychologist desperately struggling by means of negation to describe an intensely positive state. ‘I entered into the secret closet of my soul, led by thee, and this I could do because Thou was my helper. I entered and beheld with the mysterious eye of my soul the Light that never changes, above the eye of my soul, above my intelligence. It was not the common light which all flesh can see, nor was it greater yet of the same kind, as if the light of day were to grow brighter and brighter and flood all space. It was not like this bt different: altogether different from all such things. … it was higher because it made me, and I was lower because made by it.’” ~Evelyn Underhill

Splendor Always There, a Light Never Changing

The mystics and spiritual adepts do perceive a splendor that is out of range for our physical sight and other senses. Only the spiritual senses can perceive these spiritual dimensions or levels of consciousness, but they must be awakened and developed before that can happen. That is why mystery schools didn’t have one-week or one-month courses. Those who joined such schools spent years developing such abilities, and nothing has changed to make the process significantly faster today. It is a little easier to get started because we now have the promised Sun of Righteousness shining down on us, but once the process is started, it still takes years of gradual development before that splendor always there can be felt or observed.

Part of the splendor always there is the Light never changing, the Light “lighting the very light”. Too many spiritual students confuse the talk of darkness and Light in spiritual writings with the common darkness and light of the physical world. The Light never changing is not a physical light but a spiritual one, and like all things spiritual, it is endless, eternal, always shining. But most can’t see it because they ;look with their physical eyes which cannot see the Light never changing or the Splendor always there.

Eternal Nature

Spiritual people generally don’t think of Nature as eternal. It is clear in this case, though, that what Underwood is calling “eternal Nature” is the spiritual realm (or dimension), not the physical world. Nothing material is eternal, only spirit is eternal. Only spirit is within the splendor always there.

In any other Department of Knowledge

It is a frustrating fact to many spiritual teachers and students that what would constitute absolute proof of almost anything else is considered insufficient with regard to the spiritual. Moreover, the spiritual splendor always there, when they study it at all, is expected to obey the laws of matter, which of course it does not do because, duh! it’s not matter.

Secret Closet of The Soul

When St. Augustine talks of going into the secret closet of his soul, it will undoubtedly mean that he turned within to find the spiritual. That may be the case, but it does not mean that everything spiritual only exists within us. If that were the case, we would be dealing with hallucinations, not dimensions of spirit that are as real—or more real—than those of matter. Going into the closet of his soul is more accurately interpreted as meaning going into his spiritual mind rather than his physical mind. The physical mind is associated with the brain, but the spiritual mind is the soul.

Because Thou was my Helper

No one can enter the splendor always there without the aid of God. Not just anyone is allowed in. Not just anyone knows how to get in. Only those inspired and energized by God and His Angels are capable of entering those spiritual places, which are also the highest levels of consciousness. This is not because God is being greedy or elitist. It is because those who enter spiritual dimensions without being ready for it can suffer a mental breakdown as a result. They can also pollute those dimensions with their negative and materialistic thoughts. That is why they are kept out.

Above My Soul and Intelligence

The Light that Never Changes is above the soul and the intellect, not in a physical way, but because it is of a higher dimension than either the soul or the intellect. It emanates from the highest level of consciousness, which is the highest level of the splendor always there.

purity means power

Purity Means Power and Light

“Purity means power. Steel is at once the purity of iron, and the power of iron. Highly refined spirit comes of the purest thought, and is the most powerful thought. Christ felt the evil nature of the woman [who touched his robe]. But knowing the laws, he shook off the evil by his more powerful thought of goodwill toward her. So he could have done so had he been compelled to remain long in contact with her. He would not have remained so save for some special purpose; because the resisting power he would have been obliged to put out to throw off the evil results of her thoughts, might have been expended with far more profit in other directions. If your thought is the superior, there may be man persons to whom you can do only a certain amount of good through association.

“They can only receive a small amount of your thought. They give back in return, and you absorb a large amount of their inferior thought. It is as if you gave them gold and got back iron. You may from them get more iron than is good for you. You give them a great deal of gold they cannot absorb. In this way, both of you are injured.

“You will therefore associate most where your thought most appreciated and also used. Then both of you are benefited mentally and physically.” ~Prentice Mulford

Purity Means Power

I don’t like Mr. Mulford’s choice of the word “power”. That word often has a negative connotation these days. What he is talking about is energy, and that is what he should have called it. But for this post, we will stick with his term, “purity means power”.

What this means, in essence, is that the greater the purity of a thing, the more power (or energy) it has. An LED light gives off more light than an incandescent bulb while using much less electricity. That is because in certain ways it is a purer light source than an incandescent bulb. The incandescent bulb turns an electrical current into a mixture of heat and light, thus more power is needed to get the desired amount of light. The LED bulb converts almost all of the electrical energy to light. So here, purity means power in the way in which the electricity gets used.

Steel and Iron

Mulford uses a different analogy from mine. He compares the purity of steel to iron. Steel being purer has more power in the form of strength and resiliency. We could say the same for nearly any metal oar. Once silver ore has been melted and the pure silver separated from the other elements in the oar, it is a more useful product. In this case, the power of silver isn’t so much in its strength, but in its usefulness and beauty when pure, and purity means power.

Christ Felt Evil

I would not call it evil as to me, the term evil implies intent. I don’t think this woman was intentionally evil, she was simply full of negative energy. Her thought could not have been negative or evil or she would not have reached to touch Jesus saying (and believing) that His touch would heal her. But because Jesus had a very high level of positive, benevolent energy that he drew from the Spiritual Sun, He felt this energy being pulled out of Him and into the woman. Mulford is correct in saying it did no permanent harm to him. It was like using a rechargeable battery. Jesus had merely to turn to the spiritual sun to replenish his Light and Divine Energy. His purity of thought and spirit made it easy for him to quickly regain His power, so again, purity means power.

Back and Forth

Mulford says that when one person touches another, as when the sick woman touched Jesus, there is a two-way flow of “thought”, but her evil thought was too weak to harm Jesus, while His good thought was powerful enough to benefit her. Again, he is saying thought when it should be energy or Light. The woman was Dark, or full of negative energy (which is probably why she was sick). The energy did flow both ways to some degree, but it was mostly the positive energy from Jesus flowing into her, which was able to heal her because purity means power, including the power to heal.

It is true, however, that too much contact with such people could have depleted Jesus’ energy supply to the point where actual harm could have been done. That is even more true of spiritual gurus and healers of today. That is why Jesus would occasionally go off into the wilderness to recharge and why the few real healers of today avoid frequent contact with large numbers of people. Too much contact would allow their negative energy and thoughts to adversely affect the guru. So the gurus don’t withdraw out of egotism, but for self-protection. They must remain pure and energized. Purity means power, or to be more precise, purity means energy.