trust the spirit

“When we learn to trust the Spirit, it responds by sending us more frequent flashes of illumination and enlightenment. As one unfolds in Spiritual Consciousness he relies more upon his Inner Voice, and is able more readily to distinguish it from impulses from the lower planes of the mind. He learns to follow Spirit’s leading and to allow it to lend him a guiding hand. Many of us have learned to know the reality of being ‘led by the Spirit.’ To those who have experienced this leading we need not say more, for they will recognize just what we mean. Those who have not yet experienced it must wait until the time comes for them, for we cannot describe it, as there are no words to speak of those things which are beyond words.” ~William Walker Atkinson (also known as Yogi Ramacharaka)

Trust the Spirit

It is important to trust our spiritual faculties and to trust the spiritual beings that communicate with us through them. If we ignore those messages, the spirit world will stop communicating with us. That even includes prophetic dreams. If we ignore them too often, we stop having such dreams. We may still dream, but they won’t be prophetic.

Flashes of Illumination and Enlightenment

While we do get flashes of hidden knowledge and truth from the spiritual realms, I don’t think that alone can be considered illumination and enlightenment. It is an indication that we are becoming enlightened, but it is not enlightenment in itself. When we are truly enlightened, we don’t need the spirits (Angels or other Light Beings) sending us hints and warnings because as a truly enlightened person, we know the truth just as well as those Light Beings do. Some of the information granted to us may be illuminating in a limited way, but it isn’t total illumination. We need to awaken and fully develop our own spiritual faculties before w can claim in full honesty that we are completely illuminated and enlightened.

Spiritual Consciousness

When we trust the spirit and the spiritual beings, it does help us “unfold in Spiritual Consciousness” as Atkinson puts it (For more on what he says about Spiritual Consciousness, click here to read a previous post.) It is also true that as we “unfold” higher levels of consciousness, we learn to trust and rely on them more and more. But it is to some degree a “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” kind of thing. Developing higher levels of consciousness causes us to turn to spiritual sources of knowledge and truth more than physical ones, but it is also true that turning to spiritual sources of knowledge will help us develop higher levels of consciousness. Of course, nothing helps as must as taking in the Light of the Spiritual Sun or Sun of Righteousness.

Led by Spirit

Many people, including quite a few who want to develop their spiritual self, frown at the idea of being led by God or by the spiritual beings. They can trust the spirit, but they don’t want to be led by it. They don’t want to be led by anyone or anything. They want to do it their own way, on their own path. Yet they do, in nearly all cases, let themselves be led at times without thinking about it.

When you go on a tour of a place you have never been to before, you will likely be led by either a professional tour guide or by the leader of the group taking the tour. If not, you are likely to waste a good bit of time and energy trying to find things on your own. Even if you trust the spirit, it doesn’t help you at all for something like this.

If you are going hiking through some deep woods where there are no marked trails and you do not know the area, you are probably going to have a personal guide with you, or some sophisticated GPS electronics to help guide you, which is still being led, just not by a person.

There is nothing wrong with letting the more experienced beings lead you, so if you trust the spirit, you will trust the spiritual beings to lead you on the path of spiritual growth.


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