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“IN H. P. Blavatsky’s ‘The Voice of the Silence,’ the secret fire of the Alchemists is described as ‘Kundalini,’ the ‘serpentine,’ or annular working power in the body of the ascetic. ‘It is an electric fiery occult or Fohatic power, the greatest pristine force which underlies all organic and inorganic matter’; and in another place the author says: ‘it is an electro-spiritual force, a creative power which, when aroused into action, can as easily kill as it can create.’

“This point is the reason why the secrets of Alchemy are not divulged to the curious, and why only those who have gained the power to control their own self will be told how that power can be aroused in man.

“In regard to this ‘secret fire,’ the Rosicrucians say:’The potentialities in nature are aroused by the action of the secret fire, assisted by the elementary fire. The secret fire is invisible, and is contained within all things. It is the most potential and powerful fire, with which the external visible fire cannot be compared. It is the fire with which Moses burned the golden calf, and that which Jeremiah hid away, and which seventy years after was found by the knowing ones, but which by that time had become a thick water.’

“Without the possession of this magic fire, no alchemical process can be accomplished.” ~Franz Hartmann

Secret Fire of the Alchemists

As has been explained in several previous articles on this blog, the real purpose of alchemy was not to change one type of metal into another but to change the lead man of materialism into the gold man of spirit. So when Hartmann speaks of the secret fire of Alchemists, it could as easily be called the secret fire of spiritual awakening and spiritual development, or the secret fire of the mystics.

This secret fire is not a fire in the material sense, and most modern spiritual schools prefer to call it Light or Spiritual Light rather than fire. Because it is a spiritual thing, it is impossible to accurately describe in languages created to describe the physical world. So fire, light, energy, force, and others are all reasonable accurate, but not exact. And the secret fire is secret in two ways. One, it is invisible, unnoticed, by materialistic people. Two, when you look at others, unless you are very advanced in your spiritual studies, you cannot tell how much spiritual fire, if any, a particular individual may have.

Occult Fohatic Power

Blavatsky adds that the secret fire is an occult or fohatic power. Fohat, according to Blavatsky, is an old Tibetan term for this force or energy. The importance of that word being used is that Fohat is defined as being active. It isn’t just a secret fire that doesn’t do anything. It is an active force that is working all the time. The work it is doing is to awaken and develop souls and converting (or transforming) matter back into its original state as spirit. This is all happening under the direction of God, of course, but we have a part in it also.

God made us to be co-creators with Him. That doesn’t mean we are free to puff up our egos and arrogantly create whatever we feel like creating, as in the manifesting practices that have become so popular in recent years. It means that we are to create and transform with God’s Great Plan in mind at all times. And we create with the energy of the secret fire that is around us at all times.

Secrets Not Divulged

The Secrets of the Alchemists, as well as those of the Mystics, are not divulged to those with idle curiosity, including the existence of the secret fire and how to use it. As Hartmann notes, only those who have control of themselves—their emotions and desires—can be given those secrets. These secrets are very powerful and dangerous in the wrong hands. Hitler learned some of it and did great evil. The same with the Roman Emperor, Nero, who wasn’t just fiddling while Rome burned, but was causing the fires with spells of black magic to control the secret fire and use it to start conventional fires. This is why real spiritual schools today, just like the Mystery Schools of ages past, don’t teach a complete course in spiritual development in a few weeks or even months. The secrets must be revealed slowly and only when the student is ready to use them wisely.

Potentialities in Nature

The spiritual power of the secret fire does animate and create all things in nature. This is why all things of matter must have a spiritual counterpart. Spirit can exist without matter, but matter cannot exist without spirit holding it together and energizing it with the secret fire.


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