power of helpful thought

Power of Helpful Thought

“The corner-stone in the power and charm of a persons thought is this, expressed in words, ‘I want to help you in whatever way I can. I want to help build you up. I want to help you to better health, to better business, to the place where you really belong, to the position where your talents may most shine.’ If this thought is sincere, it carries immense power. It will always be drawing more power to you, because every additional person’s goodwill you so draw and fasten to you is an additional unseen rill of life feeding yours. It is a rill of substance, thought unseen, as real as the elements we do see. Goodwill of others is constructive thought. It helps build ua up. It is good for your body. … It is the real ‘elixir of life.’ The more of such thought you attract to you, the more life you will have. …

“ if you send out a contrary order of thought, you draw to you from them the poisonous ans destructive elements.These will hurt your body. Persons in this way are literally hated to death. The ill-will of many people fixed on one man can injure that man’s health. It has killed many. It can injure no one if they oppose it with the thought of goodwill.” ~Prentice Mulford

Power and Charm of Thought

Many people don’t realize that what you are thinking when you interface with other people is just as important as what you say and do. While the effect of negative thought may not be obvious and dramatic, there nonetheless is an effect. And if you are speaking in a positive way to a person, yet thinking negative thoughts about them, they can often sense this on a subconscious level and will realize that you are not being sincere.

It is understandable why people say positive things when they are thinking contrary thoughts, but it should be avoided as much as possible. We live in a society where being honest and saying what you think is not encourages if it isn’t positive. Instead, we are taught to say something positive, no matter what we think. This turns us into a race of hypocrites. What should be done is for each of us to examine our negative thinking and try to correct it so our thoughts will be just as positive as our words. That is what the power of helpful thought is all about.

I Want to Help

The attitude we all need to develop is the attitude of wanting to help. The power of helpful thought happens when we approach every person we meet with an attitude of helpfulness. If a person has a bad temper, don’t think, “I don’t like this person, they are always angry.” Instead think, “This person gets angry too easily, how can I help them get over that problem?” Instead of thinking, “This person is too greedy,” think, “How can I help him them to be less greedy?” Even then, you are putting your values on others, so that is still not entirely positive. A better approach is to think, “How can I help this person to become what God wants them to be?” God is the only being that should be judging others, so leave the judging to God. That doesn’t mean you have to accept the most abhorrent behavior because you are not supposed to judge. It means that you have to understand that there may be reasons you don’t understand why the person is like that. So use the power of helpful thought to approach those people with an attitude of wanting to help, but not be judgemental in the process. Even though you may never actually help every person you meet, you have helped them just by sending them that positive energy from the power of helpful thought. And as a bonus, you benefit yourself.

The Reflective Energy of the Subconscious

You help yourself in this way. When you send thought energy to another person, that person subconscious mend sends back complimentary energies in most cases. So if your thought is angry, bitter, jealous, etc., similar negative energy will be reflected back to you, and that thought energy can be harmful. But if you practice using the power of helpful thought, the thought energy that is reflected back to you will be kind, loving, and helpful also. And it doesn’t stop with other humans.

Power of Helpful Thought on On Other Beings

We humans, with rare exceptions, really don’t understand just how powerful our thoughts are. If you pay attention, you will notice that aggressive dogs are most often owned by angry and aggressive people. On the other hand, gentle people almost always have gentle pets. And that power of thought extends to all, though it is mostly affecting the world when you look at the collective thoughts of humans rather than any individual.

When the human race is going through a period of fear, aggression, doubts, anger, and similarly negative thoughts and emotions, this will be reflected in the world by more hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. And species of animals tend to follow these general patterns that our thoughts create. So when Scripture tells us that a time will come when “the lion will lie down with the lamb,” it is talking about the proper use of the power of helpful thought. If the majority of us start sending out helpful thoughts, our world will change and become far more peaceful, loving, and helpful.

Even the sun is affected by our thoughts and is sending damaging energies to us now in response to our generally angry and aggressive thought. If we start using the power of helpful thought on the sun, the energy we get from it will be more positive and helpful also.

Of course, helpful thought isn’t enough. We have to actually start helping one another. Then the world can change.

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