magic of the divine ternary

Magic of the Divine Ternary

“The Devil attempted with his whole force and endeavor to darken the Light; nor was he wholly frustrated in his hopes, for he deprived all Greece of it, and, in place thereof, introduced among that people human speculation and simple blasphemies against God and against His Son. Magic, it is true, had its origin in the Divine Ternary and arose from the Trinity of God. For God marked all his creatures with this Ternary and engraved its hieroglyph on them with His own finger. Nothing in the nature of things can be assigned or produced that lacks this magistery of the Divine Ternary, or that does not even ocularly prove it. The creature teaches us to understand and see the Creator Himself, as St. Paul testifies to the Romans. This covenant of the Divine Ternary, diffused throughout the whole substance of things, is indisputable. By this alone, we have the secrets of all Nature from the four elements. For the Ternary, with the magical Quaternary, produces a perfect Septenary, endowed with many arcana and demonstrated by things which are known. When the Quaternary rests in the Ternary, then arise the Light of the World on the horizon of eternity, and by the assistance of God gives us the whole bond.” ~Paracelsus

The Devil Brings Darkness

I find it quite sad that there are so many who call themselves spiritual these days who don’t believe in the Devil and think, therefore, that all the terrible things that happen in the world of matter are being done by God. If that were true, God would be one evil being and certainly not worthy of worship. Fortunately, it isn’t true. God creates good, the Devil creates evil. God creates Light, the Devil creates darkness.

We are not talking about light and dark in the physical sense, although they are affected by it. The Light from God and darkness from the Devil or Demiurge are spiritual things. SO when Paracelsus says the Devil tries to darken the Light and sometimes succeeds to some degree, he is correct. Not that the Demiurge actually dims the spiritual Light from God, but he blocks it and hides it from us. This results in many thinking that the simple material light is the Light of God, but it isn’t Only the magic of the Divine Ternary brings the true Light, the Spiritual Light, that comes to us through the Spiritual Sun.

Speculation and Blasphemies

I’m not sure that what Paracelsus is saying about Greece is true. Not that it didn’t happen in Greece, but it happened everywhere on Earth. Over time, man became more and more materialistic. As he did so, he used his infallible spiritual faculties less and less and relied instead on his material intellect. The material intellect can solve problems quite well if they are exclusive to the realm of matter, but very few problems are. The spiritual faculties given by the magic of the Divine Ternary can solve problems and make decisions better because it considers all dimensions, not just one. It is why Tesla, for example, was a better problem solver than Edison. Tesla was obviously a spiritual person who used the magic of the Divine Ternary regularly. Edison may have gotten an occasional glimmer from it, but for the most part, relied on intellect. Sadly, the materialistic industrial complex of the world adopted more of Edison’s approach, with profit being most important, rather than Tesla’s concept of being helpful to mankind. It is this materialistic approach to things that Paracelsus is calling speculation and blasphemies.

Magic In the Divine Ternary

According to many who call themselves Christians these days, magic is pure evil and to be avoided. They conveniently forget the many acts of the magic of the Divine Ternary performed by Jesus, Moses, and other prophets and apostles. Of course, they will say, “that was miracles, not magic.” It is the same thing, just a different term. Of course, there is dark or black magic that is evil. But white magic, which comes from God, is the magic of the Divine Ternary and is definitely not evil.

The Creature Teaches

This is an odd expression Paracelsus is using here. Perhaps in his time, creature meant something different from today, but now we think of a creature as either a wild and probably dangerous animal or some strange creations in the minds of novel and movie scriptwriters. The only way I can see us being taught anything by such creatures is that they show us what it is like to fall so far that we are totally materialistic. In other words, they teach s by being a bad example. As such, they are not helping us to see and understand the Creator. The angels and the spirits of saints do that.

Three, Four, Seven

Paracelsus says of this magic of the Divine Ternary, “ the Ternary, with the magical Quaternary, produces a perfect Septenary.” That may not mean much unless you have studied numerology and sacred numbers. The most important part of it is not seeing a magical “angel number” on your clock when you wake up. The important thing is an understanding of cycles. There are many of them, and almost everything happens in cycles. One of the most important of the cycles is a seven-year cycle that may consist of either three years of growth, followed by four years of no growth, or sometimes it’s four years of growth, three years of no growth. It is helpful, of course, to always know which we are currently in, but few have that knowledge. But simply by knowing this pattern, we can prepare for it and not be disappointed when our fortunes suddenly change. Just be aware that you are now in a down cycle and don’t waste too much energy trying to fix it. Cycles are very much a part of the magic of the Divine Ternary.

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