God in the Sun of Life

God In the Sun of Life

“No matter in which phase of life one may be, young, adult, old, rich, poor, educated, or ignorant, they must be awakened. Who must awaken them? God must. Why? Because God is the Sun of Life. When this Sun awakens man, it will open his eyes, so that he may see and understand the world correctly ad work in it.

“If you warm yourself on heat produced by wood, or on heat produced by coal, the effect on you in the two cases will be different. If you are sensitive, when you burn coal you will pass through all the stages it has passed; when you burn wood, you will experience the stages the oaks have passed through and feel them like living beings. The black color of the coal will produce quite a different effect on you from that which burning wood will. Contemporary culture must rid itself of the use of coal. That is why the future scientists must harness solar energy. We must provide for ourselves heat from the Sun. When we reach the stage of utilizing solar heat and energy, we shall be the cultured people humanity is expecting. At the present stage we cannot be called cultured people.” ~Biensa Douno

Must Awaken

Yes, we must all “Awaken”, but few even understand what that means. I’ve covered spiritual awakening on this blog and on the Cosolargy blog in depth, so I’ll just cover it briefly here. Simply becoming aware that matter is not all that exists and the world of materialists is a failed paradigm is not a spiritual awakening. It is the first step of awakening, but many other steps must follow it. Only when the dormant soul has been awakened from its coma-like sleep can we say that we are truly awakened. But all of us must awaken if we are to gain eternal life in the spirit. It isn’t something just for monks and fanatics. All must awaken sooner or later, so it is best to choose sooner.

God Must Awaken

Douno is correct in saying that only God can truly awaken our dormant spiritual faculties. This doesn’t mean that you are going to get a personal visitation from God, Christ, or even one of the Angels. What Douno is referring to when he writes of God in the Sun of Life is that God has put his Presence, His Grace into the spiritual sun making it the Sun of Righteousness predicted to come in the End Times. That special Light from God flows to us from the Spiritual Sun, the Sun of Life, but it doesn’t do much unless we seek it and accept it into us. So God doesn’t directly awaken each of us, but He sends a special Spiritual Light into the Sun of Life to do that job.

Wood or Coal

I don’t know when Douno Wrote the book quoted above, but I hope it was some decades ago. He is talking as if the only way to heat presently in use is by burning wood or coal. In the United States, and I think most of Europe and many other parts of the world, heat has switched to mostly oil and natural gas with wood and cola head being only a small part of it. But Douno’s point is a valid one. I don’t know that anyone but the most sensitive people among us really absorb the stages the wood, coal, oil or gas has gone through before it is burned, but it probably does affect us anyway. And he isn’t talking about the obvious physical effects from breathing the smoke of burning fuels, but some think on a more spiritual level.

All things function at different frequencies, so it is natural that when burned, the energy released will have different frequencies depending on the type of fuel. I cannot say which of these frequencies is most harmful, but I can agree with Douno that they are harmful. I can also agree that clean energy like wind power, geothermal, and especially solar energy is less harmful to us and to the environment. In addition, we are not going to run out of wind or sunlight. So it makes sense that we should change to renewable energy sources. But it may be that many will not accept that as they are now, which is another reason why God must awaken our spiritual faculties through the Light of Sun of Life. Awakened people always care for each other and the environment, and they care about awakening all through the Light of God in the Sun of Life. As Douno says, cultured people will receive God in the Sun of Life and grow into the spiritual beings God meant us to be.


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