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“The Spiritual Mind is the source of the ‘inspiration’ which certain poets, painters, sculptors, writers, preachers, orators, and others have received in all times and which they receive today. This is the source from which the seer obtains his vision, the prophet his foresight. Many have concentrated themselves upon high ideals in their work, and have received rare knowledge from this source, and have attributed it to beings of another world – from angels, spirits, from God Himself; but all came from within – it was the voice of their Higher Self speaking to them. We do not mean to say that no communications come to man from other intelligences – far from this, we know that higher intelligences do often communicate with man through the channel of his Spiritual Mind – but much that man has attributed to outside intelligences has really come from himself. And man, by the development of his Spiritual Consciousness, may bring himself into a high relationship and contact with this higher part of his nature, and may thus become possessed of a knowledge of which the intellect has not dared dream.” ~William Walker Atkinson

The Source of Inspiration

Whether you call in inspiration, insight, intuition, or a muse, the source, directly or indirectly, is what Atkinson calls the Spiritual Mind, more correctly called the Divine Soul. It is true that this Spiritual Mind is the source of inspiration to many great artists including painters, writers, and musicians. But as Atkinson himself admits, sometimes that knowledge does come to us from higher beings through the soul.

Ours or Theirs?

Atkinson seems to be determined to convince us that most inspiration is from our own Spiritual Mind (or Soul), not from other beings. But what he apparently doesn’t get is that there really is no difference, no conflict at all. On a spiritual level – and the Soul is definitely spiritual – all is part of the One, and the One is the source of all knowledge and truth. So it isn’t ours or theirs, but both since we are part of the One.

High Ideals

It is important to have high ideals in your work and activities. Not just the spiritual ones, but the material ones as well. High ideals meaning that you seek to help people, not merely profit from them. If you sell goods or services, you do so at a reasonable price rather than whatever the market will bear. You don’t try to convince people to buy products or services they really have no use for. And you share some of the profit with charities or individuals who need help. And when you do help others, you do it without seeking publicity for your actions.

On the spiritual side, you seek to grow and reach higher levels of consciousness and spirit. You are not content to just remain as you are and expect great rewards when you pass on for merely doing nothing. Being spiritual is an active state. It is all part of seeking the source of our beginning and it is the spirit and soul that seeks the source.

Higher Intelligences

Atkinson does admit that higher intelligences, by which he means spiritual beings, do communicate with us and do inspire us, but only on rare occasions. In this, I find myself not quite agreeing with him. I don’t think angels communicate with our Souls on a daily basis, but it does happen often enough to not be thought of as rare. I think the source of inspiration and insight, especially of a spiritual nature, is more often from this communication with Higher Beings than it is simply the working of our own Spiritual Mind.


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