the desire of the soul

The Desire of the Soul When Awakened

“The Soul’s Desire sent Forth to Seek the Beloved One.
Thus spake the soul to her desire—
‘Speed forth afar and see Where may my Belovèd be,
And say to Him, “His love I crave.”’
Then fled the swift desire afar,
And rose beyond sun, moon, and star,
And called before the heavenly door,
‘Lord, open unto me!’
Then spake the Host—
‘What need hast thou,
That thou dost thus implore?’
‘O Lord, I come with the prayer of one
Who weepeth upon the earth alone—
The fish on the sand must pine.’
‘Go back! no door is unbarred to thee
Till thou bring the sorrowful soul to Me,
For the need is Mine.’
Then sped the messenger swiftly home, and said—
‘The Master calleth Come! Arise and shine!’
Then she as on summer winds doth rise
In joyful flight through the starry skies,
And there meet her angels twain;
For God hath sent two angels fleet,
The well-belovèd soul to meet.

“And they ask—
‘What seekest thou thus afar?
With the dark earth art thou clad.’
The soul said—
‘Greet me better than so,
For to Him who loveth me well I go,
And I am no more sad.
Lo! dimmed as ye near the earth below,
Is the sweet light of your eyes;
And with light of God do I shine and glow
As aloft I rise.’
Then with an angel on either hand,
The soul sped through the skies,
And when she came to the angel land,
To the country of Paradise,
She was a stranger guest no more,
For to her was opened the heavenly door,
She saw the Beloved Face.
Forth flowed her heart in weeping blest,
She said, ‘My Lord, I have found my rest
In the glory of Thy grace.
I needs must praise Thee and adore,
For evermore, for evermore.
Whence came I here?
I am lost in Thee;
I can think no more of the earth below,
Nor of the sorrow and weeping there.
I had thought to tell Thee my grief and woe,
But, Lord, I have seen Thee, and nought I know,
But that Thou art fair.’” ~Matilda of Magdeburg

The Desire of the Soul

The awakened Soul actually has two desires, though they are so closely related, they can be considered one. The first desire is to return home. That is, to return to the worlds of spirit where the spirit and soul originates. Home to the soul is not a place in the physical world, nor is it the physical body of the person it is in. The second desire is to return to God, the Beloved One, the Originator of all Souls. Since God is found in that highest of spiritual dimensions that most of us call Heaven, this seeking to rejoin with the creator is also part of the desire to return home to the realms of spirit.

Beyond Sun, Moon, and Star

Heaven is beyond the Sun, moon, and even the stars. But that is not a physical thing. Jesus told his Apostles, “The Kingdom is all around you, but you see it not.” It should be obvious that Jesus was not talking about something physical, but something of spirit. It heaven was a physical place, then it could not occupy the same space as the fallen realm of matter. But Jesus was not lying when he said it is all around us since Heaven, the Kingdom of God is not a place, but a dimension. And many dimensions can occupy the same physical space, especially when some of those dimensions are spiritual. Spiritual dimensions occupy no space at all and yet occupy every square inch of the physical dimensions. Spiritual dimensions have no time at all, yet occupy every nanosecond of the physical realm that has happened, or will happen.

This beyond time and space concept is very hard for many to grasp. You can tell this by the questions they ask in spiritual groups on social media. Questions like, “Which did God create first, Angels or Man?” or “What existed before God was born?”. Such questions are meaningful only is a realm of linear time. When you are in a place where there is no time, and yet it occupies all time, such questions have no meaning. This realm of no time is the desire of the soul, the home of the soul.

The Master Calls

The desire of the Soul is not limited to the Soul. It is also the desire of God that the souls return home. Yet he won’t force this on them (or on us if you prefer). God invites us to return home, he doesn’t demand or coerce. But those who believe that God’s patience is infinite and he will wait for us forever are wrong. God’s Plan is more important than any of us in our overblown self-importance are to God. The desire of the soul is to return to Heaven and oneness with God, but often the desire of the conscious mind of man is quite the opposite. While we may find many things in the physical realm, like death, disease, greed, etc. disgusting, we are still unwilling to leave it for something unknown. That is what the Soul must be awakened and made conscious so the is can fulfill that desire of the Soul. Once it does that, even briefly, you know what awaits you in the next world and no longer fear it. In fact, the mind may begin to share the desire of the Soul. The mind can be stubborn, but when it sees that it can achieve immortality by listening to the soul, it will very likely listen to it and help reach the desire of the soul. But first, the Soul must be awakened with the Light of the Spiritual Sun. Now some might think this is not a good idea because you will become suicidal, but that is not the case. An awakened Soul places great value on life at all levels of being.


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