native country of man

The Native Country of Man

“Behold, you Child of Man, there is no sin in heaven in the Presence of God; only in thyself there is sin, and sin separates us and our God asunder; otherwise all things are fixed, and good in their own being; the Kingdom of Hell and of Wrath is good in itself, according to its own region, it does not vex or torment itself, but its woe is its birth, and the rising of its source, also it desires nothing else.

“And so also the kingdom of this world is fixed [or perfect,] and good in itself; neither does it vex or torment itself; but the elevation of the elements, is its growing and springing, neither does it torment itself in itself, nor has it any distress or fear in itself.

“Only Man has in both those principles, woe, misery, sorrow, and distress; for he is not in his native Country, and none of these two principles can attain his native Country. Therefore, the poor soul must be plagued and tormented, that it may attain its native Country again; it must go again through the Gate of the Deep Anguish of Death; it must break through two kingdoms. …

“It stretches to God, then the Devil holds it on one side with one band, and the World with another band.” ~Jacob Boehme

No Sin in Heaven

This one should be obvious. Heaven is the place of God, His angels, and those souls that have been perfected. So of course there is no sin there. But Boehme seems to mean this in another way. He is saying each dimension of being is, within itself, without sin, for each dimension (which he calls principles) operates perfectly within the rules of its own domain. I’m not sure this is true of all dimensions, but it is definitely true of Heaven. So as the native country of man is Heaven, sin is not actually in our nature.

Sin Separates

Yes, sin does separate us from God. More accurately, though, separation from God makes sin possible. Sin is the result of ignorance. Ignorance of our true nature, ignorance of God, and ignorance of God’s Law and God’s Divine Plan. Those who are one with God do not sin as they know the harm it would do to themselves and others. Those who are in contact with that native country of man know God and know God’s law. In knowing God, they feel great love and have no desire to defy Him.

Kingdom of Wrath

Hell is the Kingdom of wrath, as well as anger, jealousy, greed, and other negative concepts. Yet Boehme says it is sinless within itself. They may be true, in a sense, but it seems to me that he is denying the very existence of Heel, and how it came to be.

Within itself, Hell obeys the laws of Hell—and yes, it has some. So in that sense, it does not sin because it obeys its own laws. But it doesn’t obey God’s Law and it isn’t part of God’s Plan, therefore, its very existence is sin. It is the sin of the Great Fall from Heaven When Lucifer and others decided to create a universe they could rule separate from God. This resulted in the creation of the realm of matter, which is seriously flawed because it wasn’t created by the all-knowing God. It is filled with death, disease, and a need to kill and eat other life forms to survive (it really doesn’t matter if those life forms are animals or plants, they are all living beings).

Man in Both Principles

Man sins because he lives in both “principles” or dimensions. He is both a physical being and a spiritual one. The native country of Man remains Heaven, however. But we have fallen so far from Heaven, and continue to fall deeper and deeper into matter, that the majority of us have forgotten our true nature and have no conscious connection with the native country of Man anymore. This is what permits us to sin. Some do it intentionally, but others sin by accident.

But Man is not all matter, he is also a spirit. We have a spirit and a soul that comes from the native country of man. Unfortunately, when we are born in physical form, the spirit and soul are in a dormant state similar to being in a coma. They have to be awakened in order to be fully functional. The process of awakening takes great energy and the best source for that energy is the Spiritual Sun. The Spiritual Sun, which is connected at all times with the native country of Man (Heaven), gets a special Light directly from God and sends that light down to us. But very little of that Light is absorbed by modern Man who has become too materialistic. We have to desire that Light. We have to make an effort to absorb it through a process called Spiritual Sun-Gazing. Then those spiritual faculties will awaken and grow. They will link us back to the true native country of Man and to God Himself. Then we will desire to serve God and cease being sinners out of ignorance. That is why spiritual masters often say ignorance is the only sin.


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