honor your soul

Honor Your Soul, Your Spirit, Your Mind, and Your Heart

“That for which people can honor you are your soul, your spirit, your mind, and your heart. All other things in the world have immerged from these four powers in man. These are treasures that we have to study. If you don’t study the treasures of your heart, your mind, your soul, and your spirit, you will never find happiness.

“Man’s strength does not sit in that which people give him, because what people give they may take back, even on Easter. Man’s strength sits in the Love he shows. Strong is that one who shows his love, but not the one to whom love is shown. Strong is God, because He shows His Love. … He tells the people: ‘If yo want to be happy, you have to show your Love.’

“How is Love defined? Love is defined in th following way. The only thing in the world that does not lose faith is Love. The only thing in the world that does not lose hope is Love. Consequently, faith and hope are absolute in Love. He who has Love in himself easily copes with anything and everything.

“We have come to Earth to do God’s Will. Man’s faith, his greatness, lies in doing God’s Will.” ~Biensa Douno

Which People can Honor

To start with, we shouldn’t be overly concerned with having people honor us. What matters is what God honors in us. So while Douno says soul, spirit, mind, and heart are the things people can honor in us, they are also the things God can honor, and that is what matters.

We honor the spirit by awakening it and nourishing it with Spiritual Light so that it can grow strong and healthy. We honor the Soul in much the same way, but with the goal of having the soul become conscious, and linking us then to higher levels of consciousness where Angels and other Divine Beings of Light dwell.

Man’s Strength

Douno is correct in saying that man’s strength does not lie in those things that other humans give us. Jobs, awards, hero-worship, and so on do not give us any real strength. We may feel good about doing a job well, especially if it is a job worthy of a spiritual student and agent of god, but that doesn’t give us any real strength, any lasting strength. As Douno points out, such accolades can be taken away from us at any time, then where is our strength? Remember Lance Armstrong? He was a major hero for conquering cancer and then winning the Tour de France seven times. But then a doping scandal cost him to lose those titles and all the fame and fortune that went with them. ( I have no idea what Douno means when he says that what people give they may take back, “even on Easter”.)

So the real strength of the human being—man or woman—comes not from accolades from other humans, but from doing the work of God. When we aid God in His Great Plan to save the world of matter and make it spirit once again, we gain real strength, permanent strength that stays with our spirits and souls long after our bodies have turned to dust. People can honor that strength and honor your soul.

Strength in Love

Douno says it differently, but he means much the same thing. He says that it is Love that gives us strength, and that is true. But it may not be true of all kinds of love and may depend on your definition of love. Some people “love” being cruel and mean to others. That is not strength at all, but a sign of deep-down weakness. Some people love the realm of matter and get greedy about collecting an many bits and pieces of it as they can, no matter how much harm is done to others when they take more than a fair share of what Nature offers. That is not strength either. Nor is it real Love. It does not honor your soul.

Real Love is the love of God and everything He does, everything He represents. When we truly acquire such love, we have love for all of creation, even the fallen worlds of matter for we know that one day soon, they will be transformed back into spirit and become part of the Realm of God again. This is the kind of Love that brings true strength to man. Eternal strength that cannot be bought. This is the strength that does honor your soul. This is the love that can honor your soul, or more accurately, make it proper for others to honor your soul. So Awaken your spiritual self with the Light of the Spiritual Sun and make it possible to honor your soul and possible for others to honor your soul as you honor the souls of the great spiritual people of the past. When you do, you will also honor your spirit, heart, and mind.


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