heavenly treasure

Heavenly Treasure from God

“If a man is very rich in this world, and possesses a hidden treasure, out of that treasure and wealth that he has he purchases whatever he has a mind to purchase. Whatever rare articles in the world he fancies, he readily amasses them, relying upon the treasure, because by means of it he easily procures any piece of property he fancies. In like manner those who seek at God’s hand, and have found, and have the Heavenly Treasure of the Spirit, which is the Lord Himself shining in their hearts, accomplish every righteousness of virtues, and every acquisition of goodness commanded by the Lord, out of the treasure of Christ in them, and by means of it they amass a yet more abundant heavenly wealth. By means of that heavenly treasure they effect every virtue of righteousness, relying upon the multitude of the spiritual riches within them, and easily work every righteousness and commandment of the Lord by means of the invisible wealth of grace that is in them. The apostle says, Having this treasure in earthen vessels, that is, the treasure which it was granted to them in this life to possess within themselves, the sanctifying power of the Spirit; and again, who was made to us Wisdom from God, and righteousness, and sanctifications, and redemption.” ~St. Macarius the Egyptian

Worldly Treasure

Having wealth isn’t necessarily an evil thing, but having worldly wealth, a wealth of material possessions often develops into a desire for more and more material wealth, and at any cost. That is how it becomes evil. It is why the Essene leaders, including Jesus, required members of their community to donate all their material wealth to the community as a whole and do not claim ownership of anything. That is why the Essenes were often called “the poor,” and this is what Jesus meant when he told the wealthy man who wanted to join his community that he would have to give all his wealth to the poor. He meant to the Essene community of which he was the Rabbi, not some random poor people found in the streets.

Heavenly Treasure

St. Macarius thinks the heavenly treasure is more appropriate for man to pursue, and I agree. Worldly treasure, no matter how much you may enjoy them, end when your physical body dies. Not only does that wealth not help you at all in the afterlife, but indirectly it has probably damaged your afterlife.

When you seek heavenly treasure, you seek something that is permanent and will always be of great value. That heavenly treasure is an enlightened Soul. Or we could say that the heavenly Light that awakens and nourishes the Soul is the heavenly treasure. Both are true. Since the enlightened Soul is spirit and made of Spiritual Light, the Heavenly Light and the Enlightened Soul are two parts of the same thing. And the Heavenly Treasure is permanent, or at least it is once you have died and gone to this highest level of consciousness. The idea that Souls that have managed to get to heaven will get periodically kicked out and sent back to Earth is complete nonsense. It is a fantasy promoted by governments who don’t want people to complain about their miserable lives, so they say, “Don’t worry, you will come back and have a wonderful life next time.” A nice fantasy, but still fantasy. If you have received the Heavenly Treasure, it is yours forever. Of course, many die without having received that treasure, often because they haven’t even tried. But if you are on the true path of enlightenment when you die, you will be able to continue on the path until you reach the Heavenly Treasure and your Soul is redeemed.

Earthly and Heavenly Treasure

Does that mean that in order to pursue a Heavenly Treasure, you cannot have an Earthly treasure? No, not exactly. It means that you can’t pursue an earthly treasure that is opposed to the Laws of God and Nature. If you seek money in a way that harms the environment or other people, that is not acceptable. But God does not want us to live out earthbound life in want and poverty. We are entitled to live comfortably. Comfortable as in having our needs met and with some reasonable comfort as well. It does not mean being greedy and hoarding. Nature does not produce enough to allow greedy people to amass more than they can ever use. Such people can never gain a Heavenly Treasure. Those who live in earthly comfort, but share with others and help others can still gain that Heavenly Treasure. They must still earn it, of course, by following the spiritual development methods taught by all mystery schools and legitimate spiritual schools for many centuries.


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