A Well-Disposed Sun

“The Sun is not a hot body, but a body of immense energy. I am not to discuss the inner aspect of that energy, to explain how it was developed and so on. … It is obvious that the Sun is well disposed to us from the energy it sends to the Earth, from the gifts which it prepares every day for us, because life is impossible without this energy. The solar energy is alive, conscious. If we start thinking about the Sun in that way, we shall be able to receive its energy and it will produce a consciousness and proper process of growth in us.

“What is the most important thing behind the Sun? The sunlight and warmth which created light thoughts and lofty feelings in a man. Behind the sunlight is one great, powerful hand which the people don’t see.

“You will have to study light and its influence upon your organism; you will study the influence of colors, of the living centers. Take the light of the Sun. Every day at certain hours of the day, at noon and even more in the morning, there come certain waves from the Sun which bring with them positive thoughts, intelligent thoughts. …

“No matter in what phase of life one may be be, young, adult, old, rich, poor, educated, or ignorant, they must be awakened. Who must awaken them? God must. Why? Because God is the Sun of Life.” ~Biensa Douno

The Immense Energy of the Sun

I think all of us are aware that the sun is a source of great energy. When speaking of the physical sun, we know that some of that energy is good for us, while other frequencies are harmful. But it actually is a well-disposed sun in that most of that energy is beneficial.

There has been some confusion about that in recent decades due to members of the medical community foolishly scaring us with tales of the sun trying to destroy us with harmful radiation, and advising people to hide in the dark as much as possible. The result of listening to this advice is that many now suffer from vitamin D deficiency, and we are learning that vitamin D is far more important than previously believed. Of course, the same foolish doctors say we should get vitamin D from pills, not through the natural process of sun exposure that has worked for man for millions of years.

Inner Aspects of a Well-Disposed Sun

There are two meanings to what Douno is calling the “Inner Aspects” of the sun. The first is simply that within the physical sun, in a manner of speaking, there is another sun, a Spiritual Sun. Just as humans and animals have spirits, so do stars, and planets. Or sun has a Spirit. That means, as Douno does point out, that the well-disposed Sun is alive and has some level of consciousness. There can be no doubt of that because there is no such thing as a dead spirit, so everything that has a spirit is alive, at least on the spiritual level, and probably on the physical as well.


Study Light and its Influence

To study light and its influence is certainly a good thing to do. We can learn much about light that is beyond what is known to the general public. We can learn how light of various frequencies can be used to heal both physical and emotional illnesses.

SAD Light

Special lights are sold now to help those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression that occurs when the days get shorter and the sunlight is reduced. And infrared light is being used in some types of therapy and healing. It is even being used in the Planet Fitness facilities where, combined with vibration, is is marketed as Total Body Enhancement.

Those are just a few example of the importance of light on the physial level, but it is even more important on the spiritual level.

In virtually every religion, every mystery school, every spiritual school, Light is associated with growth, spiritual being, and higher levels of consciousness. On the other hand, dardness is associated with demons, lies, deception, and evil. God started by saying “Let there be Light.” Darkness came later and was the creation of the Demiurge. And very often, this Light of God is associated wuth the Sun. Some mistakenly think that means the physical sun but the Light of God is found only in the Well-Disposed Sun of Spirit.

God is the Sun of Life

Actually, this statement hasn’t always been true, but it is now. That is to say that God’s Presence is now residing in the special variation of the Spiritual Sun that the prophet Malachi called “The Sun of Righteousness.” This sun is the Sun of Life because only spiritual life is permanent life, therefore, only spiritual life is true life. So if you really want to get the help of God, turn to the Well-Disposed Sun, the Sun of Righteousness, the Sun of Life. That is path through which God’s Light reaches us. It is like a window between Heaven and Earth.


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