gods of deceit

“The gods of deceit have temples of splendor, their priests are well clothed and overfed. But the Great God of Truth has no more than a hidden cavern. His servants are garbed in rags, and their bellies are empty.

“The gods of lust and cruelty have storehouses of treasure, but the God of Kindness has not even a field.

“The people worship gods that oppress and ignore the God who frees. They give to the gods that take and spurn the God who gives. O misguided generation!

“O blind and ignorant people, to cherish the stone gods of death and mock the God of Life! O misguided generation, to clasp to its brest the things that inherit decay and spurn the things that inherit everlastingness!

“Let the Destroyer come as the whirlwind of the barren places. In the dread day of its appearance, the works of ignorance shall go down to everlasting.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (Man:12:7-11)

Gods of Deceit

Actually, there is really only one god of deceit who is known as the Demiurge in Gnostic writings, although some say that the title “Demiurge” refers to all the fallen angels rather than just their leader. In other cases, it isn’t a god who is being deceitful, but the priests and ministers who teach false facts about God, thereby creating imaginary gods that bear little resemblance to the true God of Spirit and Wisdom.

Temples of Splendor

The gods of deceit do have temples of splendor, not to mention their priests and preachers. That is true when they are a religion, and just as true when they are not. Many stockbrokers and financial advisors are nothing more than priests of Materialism, probably the greatest and most powerful of the gods of deceit. It is really sad when it is hard to tell a wealthy businessman from a so-called preacher of god. And while these imaginary gods may be visualized in great temples, it is their ministers who live in luxury, with huge mansions, several luxury cars, and even private jets!

Hidden Cave

The God of truth, the Kolbrin says, has no more than a hidden cave. This has several possible interpretations. One is that, since the followers of the gods of deceit generally have all the political power, those who worship the real God have often had to do so in hidden places like caves. It can also have the allegorical meaning in that we must turn within ourselves and awaken our dormant spiritual faculties. That is not to say, as some insist, that God and all that is real is found within. Yet the path must start with looking within as well as without. Just remember that when you look without, look for the real, the natural, not the synthetic glitz of the gods of deceit. It can also be allegorical in that it is saying that we should look for truth, and teachers of truth, in the small, hidden churches and mystery schools rather than in the great temples of the false churches worshiping the gods of deceit.

So which of those possible interpretations is the true one? Surprisingly, all of them. That is the way it often is with spiritual allegory found in scripture of all denominations: meanings within meanings, literal truths that are also allegories for something more important.

Let the Destroyer Come

While I certainly have no intention of calling for the Destroyer to come and destroy the evil people and those who follow the gods of deceit, a destruction of a sort is coming, whether we like it or not. While some may die as a result of this coming of the Destructor, Most will not. They will be changed, not destroyed. It will be a destruction of falsehood and the gods of deceit.

To avoid the Destroyer we must change our materialistic ways and start worshiping that true God of Life and Love. We must abandon the gods of deceit and turn to the God of Love, Truth, and Wisdom. We must abandon the dark, yet glittering, temples and turn to the Spiritual Sun to awaken our dormant Souls. Then we can avoid the Destroyer.


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