radiant infinite being

Radiant Infinite Being of Light

“‘The radiant infinite being who is immortal and moves alone, preserves the unclean nest (the body) with the help of the vital force, and roams out of the nest. Himself immortal, he goes wherever he likes. ‘In the dream world, the shining one, attaining higher and lower states, puts forth innumerable forms. He seems to be enjoying himself in the company of women, or laughing, or even seeing frightful things. ‘All see his sport, but none sees him’. They say, ‘Do not wake him up suddenly’. If he does not find the right organ, the body becomes difficult to doctor. Others, however, say that the dream state of a man is nothing but the waking state, because he sees in dream only those things that he sees in the waking state. (This is wrong) In the dream state the man himself becomes the light. ‘I give you a thousand (cows), sir. Please instruct me further about liberation’. After enjoying himself and roaming, and merely seeing (the result of) good and evil (in dream), he (stays) in a state of profound sleep, and comes back in the inverse order to his former condition, the dream state. He is untouched by whatever he sees in that state, for this infinite being is unattached. ‘It is just so, Yajnavalkya. I give you a thousand (cows), sir. Please instruct me further about liberation itself.’ After enjoying himself and roaming in the dream state, and merely seeing (the results of) good and evil, he comes back in the inverse order to his former condition, the waking state. He is untouched by whatever he sees in that state, for this infinite being is unattached. ‘It is just so, Yajnavalkya. I give you a thousand (cows), sir.” ~Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Radiant Infinite Being

The radiant infinite being that preserves the physical body can be none other than the Soul. It preserves the body only in the sense that being spiritual and permanent, the soul holds the body together. Without the spirit and soul, the physical body would be like Jello without a Jello mold. The spirit has certain energies that keep the body from disintegrating much faster than it does. It happens anyway, but far more slowly.

He Goes Where He Likes

The Radiant Infinite Being can go where it wishes to because spirits are not confined in any way by the laws of space and time. Those laws apply to the physical only, or to those things that are part physical and part spiritual. While some think that humans are part physical and part spiritual, those parts are not blended together. The Spirit and Soul, and the physical body and mind remain separate like two beings living in the same place. So the Soul is free to go where it wishes without having to deal with the limitations of the physical body.

Man Becomes the Light

The quote says that in a dream state, man becomes the light. That doesn’t mean that w can only experience the Light of Spirit while sleeping. Nor does it mean that such states of higher consciousness are just fantasies from dreams. It means that when we are sleeping, our conscious, active mind is relaxed, and that permits the spiritual mind to move forward. It is as if a door has been unlocked or a barrier removed. The soul probably tries to communicate with the mind often, but usually fails, or has extremely limited success, because of the blocks set up by the mind. Some say that is why the ego must be destroyed, but they are wrong. Ego is necessary to function in the physical world. It needs to be controlled, subdued, not destroyed.

The good news is that it isn’t necessary to be sleeping to “become the light”. The Radiant Infinite Being can be set free and allowed to communicate with the conscious mind while fully awake. It just takes discipline and practice. A lot of practice. And shortcuts like drugs do not actually help at all, they merely make hallucinations and illusions seem to be a spiritual awakening. Fortunately, we are in the age of the Sun of Righteousness. That special variation of the Spiritual Sun is sending out spiritual light in greater amounts and higher frequencies than ever before. It will affect all of us, but mostly those who turn to it and absorb that Spiritual Light willingly. Your Radiant Infinite Being will really appreciate your doing that. So will your conscious self when your Soul reaches the highest levels of consciousness and you achieve the ultimate knowledge called Gnosis.

angels are spirits

Angels are Spirits, Not Physical Beings

Angels are Spirits

“Roman Catholic doctrine, as set forth by Saint Thomas Aquinas, argues for the necessity of Angels. God dd not have to create, but once He had done so, out of His goodness, then Angels had to be part of the creation, for God desires, up to a point, that his creatures should imitate him. Saint Thomas, with customary brilliance, asserts that since God is Himself a pure intelligence, then he must create pure intelligences in the Angels, since they alone can properly imitate God. Humans, in contrast, can only imitate God in a more limited way. ‘Pure,’ for Saint Thomas, is a synonym for spirit: God and the Angels alike are free from matter. Here Saint Thomas, though not a party of one, does not necessarily speak for the Church, since other great Theologians (Saint Bernard and Saint Bonaventure) have insisted that only God is beyond materiality. And indeed one remembers the Angels of Enoch begetting giants upon the daughters of men, and Raphael in the Book of Tobias speaking of his food and drink, and one recalls all of the imagery of fire that pervades descriptions of Angels. Much of the tradition is vert different from Saint Thomas, yet it is difficult not to be moved by his passion and his insight when he urges us to consider the Angels as pure spirits, as intelligences uncontaminated by bodily drives.God, according to Saint Thomas, made the Angels for the sake of His own glory, and the glory of God is beyond Matter.” ~Harold Bloom

Which Came First

Did God create the Angels before he created Man? That is a difficult question to answer. If we accept the view of Saint Thomas Aquinas that Angels are pure spirit, not a bit of matter in them, then angels exist outside of time and space just as all spirits do. Being outside the limits of space and time, they were never born, they will never grow old, and they will never die. So they clearly existed before physical man since physical man exists within the boundaries of space and time. But Man also has a spirit and soul, and our spirits and souls are just as pure as that of the Angels. So the point is really a mute one. Man, as a physical being, came along after the Angels, but Man as a spiritual being is just as ageless and immortal as they are.

Pure Intelligence

In a way it is correct to say that God is “Pure Intelligence,” but in Cosolargy, we would prefer to say that God is pure Consciousness. Intelligence is too easily confused with the matter-oriented intellect of the brain-mind, and that isn’t God at all. God is Spiritual Intelligence or Spiritual Consciousness. And since Angels are spirits created by God, they are also pure consciousness. They do have a body of sorts, but t is spirit, ot matter. Such a body is just as much pure consciousness as the spiritual mind of those beings. Angels are Spirits, Angel minds are spirit, Angel bodies are Spirit.

Angels of Enoch

The Angels of Enoch, Bloom notes, are said to have mated with the daughters of men resulting in giants. This is not a contradiction of the idea that Angels are pure spirits. The ones who mated with human women were fallen angels, and this may have made them partly material. Spirit can be changed into matter and matter changed into spirit just as matter can be changed into energy and energy become matter. In fact, much of the sighting of strange objects labeled UFOs are actually a transition stage between spirit and matter. They are seen during periods of great change when more spirit is being degraded into matter (a process that will eventually be reversed).

Raphael in the Book of Tobias

Mr. Bloom seems to be saying that this book indicates that the angel Raphael ate physical food and drink, and therefore cannot be pure spirit. But read the quote below carefully.

“12:15 I am Raphael, one of the seven holy Angels, which present the

prayers of the saints, and which go in and out before the glory of the Holy

One. …

12:19 All these days I did appear unto you; but I did neither eat nor

drink, but ye did see a vision.” ~Book of Tobias

It is clear to me, from what is said in 12:19, that Raphael did not actually eat and drink, but only appeared to do so when he was pretending to be an ordinary human. When he says that the observers “dis see a vision,” he means that he caused them to see a vision of him eating and drinking, but he did not actually do so. As the previous part of the line states, “I did neither eat nor drink”. So no contradiction here and the Angels are spirits, here as with Thomas Aquinas.


Well-Disposed Sun of Immense Energy

A Well-Disposed Sun

“The Sun is not a hot body, but a body of immense energy. I am not to discuss the inner aspect of that energy, to explain how it was developed and so on. … It is obvious that the Sun is well disposed to us from the energy it sends to the Earth, from the gifts which it prepares every day for us, because life is impossible without this energy. The solar energy is alive, conscious. If we start thinking about the Sun in that way, we shall be able to receive its energy and it will produce a consciousness and proper process of growth in us.

“What is the most important thing behind the Sun? The sunlight and warmth which created light thoughts and lofty feelings in a man. Behind the sunlight is one great, powerful hand which the people don’t see.

“You will have to study light and its influence upon your organism; you will study the influence of colors, of the living centers. Take the light of the Sun. Every day at certain hours of the day, at noon and even more in the morning, there come certain waves from the Sun which bring with them positive thoughts, intelligent thoughts. …

“No matter in what phase of life one may be be, young, adult, old, rich, poor, educated, or ignorant, they must be awakened. Who must awaken them? God must. Why? Because God is the Sun of Life.” ~Biensa Douno

The Immense Energy of the Sun

I think all of us are aware that the sun is a source of great energy. When speaking of the physical sun, we know that some of that energy is good for us, while other frequencies are harmful. But it actually is a well-disposed sun in that most of that energy is beneficial.

There has been some confusion about that in recent decades due to members of the medical community foolishly scaring us with tales of the sun trying to destroy us with harmful radiation, and advising people to hide in the dark as much as possible. The result of listening to this advice is that many now suffer from vitamin D deficiency, and we are learning that vitamin D is far more important than previously believed. Of course, the same foolish doctors say we should get vitamin D from pills, not through the natural process of sun exposure that has worked for man for millions of years. Continue reading “Well-Disposed Sun of Immense Energy”

find meaning in life

Find Meaning in Life, Find Meaning in Living

“The ability to seek and find meaning in life is based more than anything on the capacity to hold paradox and maintain an unblushing cognitive dissonance. The objective world and the subjective world lie one atop the other. Spiritual causality and immediate causality are often different yet occupy the same space, and so truth may be less a matter of either/or than both/and. …

“Consider the Zen practice of the koan, the question or problem posed by Zen masters to each other or by masters to students. The koan is a dilemma, a mystery which the rational mind cannot solve. By frustrating and thwarting our usual strategies of obtaining answers, knowing and understanding, it causes us to begin anew. The key to the resolution of a koan is a shift in the being of the student which allows for a new understanding of the question itself.

“In presenting a koan, the teacher engages the student with mystery in a highly personal way. The student becomes intimate with the question, and sometimes struggles with it for a long time. At first Zen students respond to the mystery much as we all do: with frustration, with outrageous pride, with a sense of unfairness and victimhood, with self-pity, even with anger towards the teacher. None of this works. Having exhausted all these ways, we can begin to find the capacity for other ways and these new ways begin to change us.” ~Rachel Naomi Remen

Seek and Find Meaning

We may not realize it, but seeking to find meaning in things is one of the earliest things we do. Soon after we are born our mind starts trying to learn and identify the things and beings around us. But trying to find meaning in life is a bit more complex. To start with, it is not always clear what life is. And if you can’t clearly identify what life is, it is even more difficult to find meaning in life. You might think that spiritual people do not have that problem, yet I see that very question being asked frequently in spiritual groups on social media. Of course, most of those asking the question are probably relatively new students, or not actual students at all, but simply readers of a few spiritual books. Others are just internet trolls trying to annoy people.

A Flawed Question

One reason it may be so difficult to find the answer to that question is that it makes what may very well be a false assumption: that the meaning in life is the same for all of us. It may be that the answer is very personal. It may be species-specific. I doubt that the meaning of life for a frog is the same as the meaning of life for a man. But if we want a very general answer, there is one that applies in all cases.

A Life Force

The simple – although certainly not complete and satisfying – answer is that a life force exists in the universe. Just as gravity pulls objects together, the life force tries to encourage matter to become living beings, and it succeeds far more than most people suspect. Scientists and explorers have found living things in the most hostile environments on Earth where they never expected to do so. Since the life force is universal, it does the same thing on other planets. Strangely, our scientific community has decided that Earth Life must set the standard for the whole universe, and if they can’t find Earth-like life on a planet or star, it is declared lifeless. They are not lifeless. Life exists everywhere.

Zen Koan

It seems as if Remen is switching subjects mid-stream, but she isn’t. At least not from her point of view. She sees the question “What is the meaning in life?” as a type of koan, a question that can’t be answered by conventional means. As already shown, that is not really true. There is a simple answer and we can find the meaning of life. We can also seek and find meaning in life on a personal level. We should look more at what the meaning of our own life is before we get too concerned with life on a grander scale. That question has an answer also., but it to might be a form of Zen Koan.

The Purpose of our Life is what we Decide to Make it

Usually, people expect a general answer to the question “What is the meaning in life?”. There is one, but what most people really want to know is what is the meaning of their life. That is largely a matter of what they make of it. Your choices determine the meaning of your life. But you can get help in making the right choices, those being the ones that further God’s Divine Plan.

If you awaken your spiritual faculties, you make it far easier for Angels to communicate with you. They will probably still do it in secret and you will thin their suggestions are your own ideas. That doesn’t matter. They will help you steer your ship through life so you have no reason to ask what is the meaning in life. So awaken and know the meaning of life, and have a meaningful life.