Unfolding Spiritual Consciousness

“As man unfolds spiritually he feels his relationship to all mankind, and he begins to love his fellowman more and more. It hurts him to see others suffering, and when it hurts him enough he tries to do something to remedy it. As time goes on and man develops, the terrible suffering which many human beings undergo today will be impossible, for the reason that the unfolding Spiritual Consciousness of the race will make the pain felt so severely by all that the race will not be able to stand it, and they will insist upon matters being remedied. From the inner recesses of the soul comes a protest against the following of the lower animal nature, and although we may put it aside for a time,it will become more and more persistent, until we are forced to heed it. The old story of each person having two advisors, one at each ear, one whispering to him to follow the higher teachings and the other tempting him to pursue the lower path, is shown to be practically true by the occult teachings regarding the three mental principles. The Intellect represents the ‘I’ consciousness of the average person. This ‘I’ has on one side the Instinctive Mind sending hin to the old desires. … On the other side is the Spiritual Mind, sending its unfolding impulses into the intellect, and endeavoring to draw the consciousness up to itself … and to cause him to master and control his lower nature.” ~William Walker Atkinson

As Man Unfolds

It would be nice if we could say that all of humanity is growing spiritually, but the truth is that only a small minority are doing so. The success of Trump, and similar politicians in several other countries, shows that a large percent of the population still clings to materialism and their lower instincts and animal nature. But now that the Sun of Righteousness is here and is growing stronger all the time, more and more people will awaken to some degree and turn toward the development of the unfolding Spiritual Consciousness which is the only way that mankind can be saved from total destruction in the years ahead.

Unfolding Spiritual Consciousness in the Individual

The unfolding Spiritual Consciousness of the individual person, as well as that of all of humanity, is a very real thing. It may be happening rather slowly, but it is happening. And I believe that as a larger and larger percentage of the population is awakened, the process will get faster. But what is Spiritual Consciousness? In part, it is simply an awareness that there is something beyond the material, something higher that we call spiritual. But it is more than that. Consciousness exists on many levels, some so low that the beings that operate at those levels are considered non-living by our material sciences, and some so high that only God and the Angels are at those levels. Humanity is somewhere in the middle. But the good news is that we have the ability to slowly raise our level of consciousness to higher and higher levels.

The other thing about the unfolding Spiritual Consciousness is that it isn’t found in the brain-mind, but in the soul. Once the soul is awakened from its dormant state, it starts developing this Spiritual Consciousness. And this unfolding Spiritual Consciousness reaches higher and higher levels of consciousness and awareness as we continue to work on developing it and taking in the necessary energy to make that happen. Higher levels of consciousness need more energy than lower levels. The best place to get that spiritual energy is from the Spiritual Sun. God has filled the current Sun Spirit with an extra dose of His Spiritual Energy, His Presence, His Light. That is what makes it the Sun of Righteousness, which is not and never was a code name for Jesus. The more energy we take in from that sun, following proper safety procedures so you don’t harm your eyes, the more your unfolding Spiritual Consciousness grows and reaches higher levels.

Two Advisors

The old angel on one shoulder, the devil on the other may not be literally true, but it certainly is figuratively true in multiple ways. First, there really are angels and devils (or demons). They may not sit on our shoulders, but demons do love to suggest things to us, either directly or through others. The angels try to counter these suggestions with more spiritual ones. In a Native American variation of this, it is a good wolf and a bad wolf within us. The legend says that the one that succeeds is the one you “feed”. In other words, the one you listen to gains your ear more easily the next time. So choose wisely if you want that unfolding Spiritual Consciousness to develop within you.


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