creatures within us

Creatures Within Us Can Be Avoided

“Disciple: O Master, the Creatures which live in me do withhold me, that I cannot so wholly yield and give up myself as I willingly would. What am I to do in this case?

“Master: Let not this trouble thee. Doth thy Will go forth from the creatures? Then the creatures are forsaken in thee. They are in the world, and thy body, which is in the world, is with the creatures. But spiritually thou walkest with God, and converse in Heaven, being in thy mind redeemed from Earth, and separated from creatures, to live the Life of God. And if thy will thus leaves the creatures, and goes forth from them, even as the spirit goes forth from the body at death; then are the creatures dead in it, and do live only in the body and the world. Since if thy Will does not bring itself into them, they cannot bring themselves into it, neither can they by any means touch the Soul.” ~Jacob Boehme

The Creatures Within Us

When the disciple asks the Master about the creatures living in him, he isn’t talking about bacteria or even a case of parasitic worms. What he is calling creatures are the demons who try to control us when we are in the physical world. These demons don’t literally live inside us, but it may have been believed that they did at one time. It is an allegorical view of them, much like the popular image of a tiny devil on one shoulder and a tiny angel on the other whispering in our ears.

What this student is asking the Master is how can he fully engage in spiritual development methods when this cleaver demons are whispering to him and trying to get him to listen to more material needs and desires. The master advises him to stop worrying about it because his will is strong enough to ignore the creatures within us. He says the creatures within cannot control us unless we allow them too. Sadly, the vast majority of humanity does allow it. Only a few really fight against them and truly develop their spiritual faculties.

Walking With God

The Master also tells the disciple that while his body and mind are trapped in the physical realm, where they are subject to the attempts of the dark demons and dark forces to control them, their spirit and soul go forth to “Walk with God”. That is allegory, of course. Spirits don’t walk with God because spirits don’t walk, and neither does God. And if it were possible for our spirits to literally walk with God, it would serve no purpose to do so. What it really means is that we expand and raise our consciousness continuously until we reach the highest levels. At those levels of consciousness, we can communicate directly with God and his angels. So the “walking” is really communicating.

When we first develop this ability, it will only last a few seconds, but after time, it will get longer and longer until we are taking long hikes through Heaven with God (sticking with the walking allegory). And when we are visiting those higher levels of consciousness, the creatures within us have no control at all. They can only affect our lower, material self, not the higher, spiritual Self.

The Will Brings The Creatures

The final warning from the Master is that the creatures within us cannot control us unless our will allows it, or we weaken our will to the point where they can easily push it aside. It is like the Native American tale of the two wolf spirits within us, one good and one evil. The one that wins is the one “you feed”. In other words, the one that wins is the one your will wants to win.

Have you ever known someone who says, “I would like to quit smoking, but I just don’t have the will to do it,” or “I want to lose weight, but I don’t have the will-power to avoid eating fatty junk food.” Very often, those same people use their will-power quite effectively on some other goal. So in many cases, it isn’t that they lack will power, but they simply are not using the will power they have to stop eating or smoking. Even those with very strong will-power can’t avoid the creatures within us if they don’t decide they want to. And even those who truly have weak wills can make them stronger with development just as you can make your muscles bigger and stronger with regular workouts. So don’t let the creature within you control you.

laws of God

Laws of God are Good and Necessary

“The laws of GOD, which are the commentaries of His works, show them to be yours: because they teach you to love God with all your Soul, and with all your Might. Whom if your love with all the endless powers of your Soul, you will love Him in Himself, in His attributes, in His counsels, in all His works, in all His ways; and in every kind of thing wherein He appeareth, you will prize Him, you will Honor Him, you will delight in Him, you will ever desire to be with Him and to please Him. For to love Him includeth all this. You will feed with pleasure upon everything that is His. So that the world shall be a grand Jewel of Delight unto you: a very Paradise and the Gate of Heaven. It is indeed the beautiful frontispiece of Eternity ; the Temple of God discover all that is therein to be created for your sake. For they command you to love all that is good, and when you see well, you enjoy what you love. They apply the endless powers of your Soul to all their objects: and by ten thousand methods make everything to serve you. They command you to love all Angels and Men. When you love them, they are your treasures; when they love you, to your great advantage you are theirs. All things serve you for serving them whom you love, and of whom you are beloved. The entrance of His words giveth Light to the simple. You are magnified among Angels and men: enriched by them, and happy in them.” ~Thomas Traherne

Knowing the Laws of God

I find it odd that many people who say they are law-abiding citizens and accept the idea that ignorance of the law is no excuse only apply that to the laws of man, not the Laws of God. They get quite upset at those who ignore some manmade laws, yet are completely indifferent to those who ignore the Laws of God. It should be logical and obvious that in the hierarchy of the universe, the laws of nature are above the laws of man and the Laws of God are above those of Nature. Man can pass a law saying that gravity doesn’t exist, but Nature will enforce it anyway. Man can pass laws that say it is acceptable to kill others under specific circumstances, but that doesn’t override the Laws of God which say all killing is wrong.

I guess part of the problem is that we think we can get the Laws of God from churches, from the clergy, or from spiritual gurus. Eventually, most people realize that those folk don’t know the real Laws of God any more than you do. They are simply repeating what they were taught by other people. The only way to truly know the Laws of God is to awaken your spiritual faculties and gain that knowledge by direct contact with higher dimensions and the spiritual beings that live in those dimensions. Continue reading “Laws of God are Good and Necessary”

divine thought

Divine Thought Brings Divine Change

“If you perceive a single Divine Thought in yourself, it is worth not a million, but billions. In the future, it will be a tremendous fortune.

“If you want honor from people, honor them. If you want Love from people, love them.

“Think about God every day. Not about what He is. Just think about Him, because when you do, something nice will come in you. Just think of the Lord. He is the best. He is the image of Love, like the sun that rises. Do not think that he will judge you. If you remember Him every day, right away something will come in you that will stimulate your heart. After your heart gets stimulated, then your mind, your soul, and your strength will get stimulated.

“You have painted a picture. Critique the picture, but not yourself. Do not critique your gift! Make another picture and correct yourself. You cannot correct and critique each and every action of yours, but of yourself ever say ‘I am an ungifted person’ or ‘ I am a bad person.’ You can say, ‘My deed could be bad in that particular case, but I am not bad. The picture may not be good, but that does not show that I am ungifted. I just have not paid enough attention.’” ~Biensa Douno

A Single Divine Thought

What is the difference between a Divine Thought and an ordinary thought? The source. A Divine Thought can come from a higher level being such as an Angel communicating with us. It can also come from us reaching a higher level of consciousness where we can obtain such knowledge directly. Either way, these divine thoughts are coming from something external, not internal. While going within may help us relax our mind so that we can more easily receive Divine Thoughts, those thoughts are still coming from outside ourselves.

If You Want Honor and Love

What Douno says here about honor and love is generally true, but not always. In any case, some might argue, “If you only get honor from those you honor, love from those you love, why should I go first? When others start to honor and love me, I will be the one to return it?” They would have a point based on what Douno says in the quote. But it is not that simple. It is not a matter of exchanging gifts like kids at a Christmas or Valentine’s Day party. What he is really saying is that if you wish to have honors, you must be an honorable person and if you wish to be loved, you must be a loving person. This is not a place where opposites attract. Instead, loving people are attracted to loving people, honorable people are attracted to other honorable people, spiritual people are attracted to other spiritual people. Continue reading “Divine Thought Brings Divine Change”

shining immortal being

Shining Immortal Being Eating Spiritual Honey

“This earth is (like) honey to all beings, and all beings are (like) honey to this earth. (The same with) the shining immortal being who is in this earth, and the shining, immortal, corporeal being in the body. (These four) are but this Self. This (Self-knowledge) is (the means of) immortality; this (underlying unity) is Brahman; this (knowledge of Brahman) is (the means of becoming) all. This water is (like) honey to all beings, and all beings are (like) honey to this water. (The same with) the shining immortal being who is in this water, and the shining, immortal being identified with the seed in the body. (These four) are but this Self. This (Self-knowledge) is (the means of) immortality; this (underlying unity) is Brahman; this (knowledge of Brahman) is (the means of becoming) all. This fire is (like) honey to all beings, and all beings are (like) honey to this fire. (The same with) the shining immortal being who is in this fire, and the shining, immortal being identified with the organ of speech in the body. (These four) are but this Self. This (Self-knowledge) is (the means of) immortality; this (underlying unity) is Brahman; this (knowledge of Brahman) is (the means of becoming) all. … This sun is (like) honey to all beings, and all beings are (like) honey to this sun. (The same with) the shining immortal being who is in this sun, and the shining, immortal being identified with the eye in the body. (These four) are but this Self. This (Self-knowledge) is (the means of) immortality; this (underlying unity) is Brahman; this (knowledge of Brahman) is (the means of becoming) all.” ~Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Earth Honey

While the anti-sugar types of today would disagree, the ancients often say honey as an ideal food. It not only provided vitamins and energy but according to something I recently read, it is the only food that never spoils. Honey doesn’t rot, grow moldy, or get fungus in it. It has actually been added to other foods to help preserve them. So whether you agree or not, many of the ancients did consider it an ideal food. And much like bread, references to it in scripture of various faiths are often allegorical rather than literal.

Shining Immortal Being

The Shining Immortal being, this Upanishad says, is in the earth and in the body. That doesn’t mean it is the body. It doesn’t mean it is a physical thing. The Shining Immortal Being is the Divine Soul that is often considered to dwell inside the body, or sometimes more specifically within the heart. While it is fine to think of the Divine Soul that way, we must also remember that this Soul is spirit, and therefore not confined by the laws and boundaries of space and time. Continue reading “Shining Immortal Being Eating Spiritual Honey”