two forces

“The idea of two forces – opposites or polarities – coming together is an idea that permeates most religions which are not wholly monotheistic. For Gnosticism in particular, the union of opposites comes up over and over again. As we have seen, emanations that are essentially balanced emerge from the union between God and His Protonnoia. Some instances of where balance is needed are : First Man is the union of two fires, the light and the dark; Adam must find his partner; and the physical world is evil while the spiritual world id good but the two must be brought together. All these idea demonstrate that out of duality must come unity. This union or marriage is now becoming evident in very subtle ways in today’s world. …

“Women have realized that they are powerful in their own right, but they also have to learn not to abuse that power. Gnostic texts in the early Christian era do give women their rightful place in the scheme of things but in the modern day they must also appreciate that they should not emasculate their men folk.” ~Bernard Simon

Two Forces

Whatever you may think of duality, you have to admit that it exists. To deny it is to be living in a fantasy. Hot and cold, light and dark, male and female, the two forces are everywhere. But they can also be deceptive.

Most of us know that an electric circuit consists of a positive side and a negative side, and when the two are connected together with a conductor, electricity flows. But the positive pole and the negative pole are not true opposites. It is simply that one pole has more than the normal amount of electrons, while the other has less. When the two sides are connected by a conductor such as copper wire, electrons flow from one side to the other until equality is achieved. Once that happens, the flow stops. So electrical devices must be designed to prevent that from happening. With a battery, for example, chemicals in the battery make sure that the two poles remain opposites. Yet you can see from this example that nature is trying to bring about that union of opposites that Mr. Simon mentions.


A similar example is lightning. Many think that a bolt of lightning simply shoots from a cloud to the ground and that is it. In reality, the bolt usually shoots back and forth between the cloud and the ground until the positive and negative sides are reasonably balanced. Another union of opposites. But at the same time, natural forces in the cloud and ground and building up those electrical forces again until the difference becomes enough for another bolt of lightning. So part of nature is creating duality while another part seeks the union of opposites.

Balance Needed

A balance is needed between the two forces, but what that means, and how it should happen, varies. Rather than darkness and light combining to become dull, gray, twilight forever, the darkness will be eliminated and everything will be light. Male and female will not combine into a single sex, at least not physically. Instead, the physical will end entirely and we will all be spirits that are neither male nor female. So in most cases, the two forces will unite to become one force of a higher frequency. The frequency will be so high that the being or object will no longer be physical, but completely spiritual.

Women Realized

While many may not see it as such, the modern movements towards women’s rights and women’s liberation are a part of this bringing together and uniting of the two forces. When the two forces – the two sexes in this case – see themselves as different, unequal, and to some degree, opponents, they cannot unite. So the movement to make women equal to men is part of the uniting process. This doesn’t mean that women should become more like men. It means that both men and women must recognize that they are different, yet equal. The same is true of races and nationalities. Religions and philosophies that teach otherwise much change or they will die out. When the two forces unite, intolerance will not be tolerated.

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