supreme light

“Those knowers of Brahman (who have purified their mind through the withdrawal of the senses and other means like Brahmacharya) see everywhere the supreme light of the ancient One who is the seed of the universe and the light that shines in the Effulgent Brahman. May we too having perceived the highest light which dispels darkness, reach it. Having perceived the highest light in our own heart we have reached that highest Light which is the dispenser of water, rays of light and the Prānas shining in all gods—we have reached that highest light. It is the light of the Supreme Being that is in the eternal light and in all the luminaries of the galaxies, such as the sun, the moon, and the stars. It is His light that is in wood, lamps, candles, and is the energy in all living beings. His light is behind all lights and the source of all energy in the universe. …

“The Sun is Brahman—this is the teaching. The further explanation of this (is here given). Before creation, this universe was non-existent. Then it became existent. It grew; it turned into an egg; it lay for a period of one year; (and then) it burst open. Of the two halves of that egg-shell, one was of silver and the other of gold. Of these, that which was of silver is this earth. That which was of gold is heaven. That which was the outer membrane is the mountains. That which was the inner membrane is the mist together with the clouds. Those which were the veins are the rivers. That which was the water in the lower belly is the ocean. And that which was born is the yonder sun.” ~Chandogya Upanishad

Knowers of God

Those who truly know God (or Brahman) do see everywhere the Supreme Light. They see it in the land and the sea, in the greatest stars and the tiny mustard seed. They see it in the living and in that which is, according to material science, non-living. Most of all, they see it in the Sun. They see glimmers of it in the physical, mundane sun, but mostly, they see it in the Spiritual Sun. They can see what others cannot because they have awakened their spiritual faculties and they see with the “eyes” of the soul, which is the only way to truly see the spiritual reality behind the illusion that is matter.

The Supreme Light

The Supreme Light is Spiritual Light. In some ways, it is like physical light, but in other ways, it isn’t. It cannot be seen by the physical eyes, although some sensitive people seem to be able to get glimmers of it. There are some rare individuals who can see auras around people, animals, and even plants. They think they are seeing the Supreme Light, but they are not. They are seeing a type of light that is halfway between physical and spiritual light. While this light is seen everywhere by the awakened soul, it has a source. The immediate source of this light for those of us on Earth is Sol, the sum. More specifically, the spiritual Sun. Spiritual Light can only have a spiritual source. The Ultimate Source of the Supreme Light is God. He sends his Light into the spirits of the stars and that Light is slowly transforming the fallen universe of matter back into spirit. Some question why God doesn’t transform the universe instantly. There is a two-part answer to that. One, it doesn’t give us the opportunity to transform with it. Two, time has no meaning whatsoever to God, so what may take a million years to us is an instant to God.

Within the Supreme Light

According to Quantum Physics, beams of light carry information. That is just as true of Spiritual Light as it is of physical light. The primary difference is the type of information carried. Spiritual Light carries information about the dimensions of spirit. Because there is no deception, no lies, no opinions in spiritual worlds, the information gleaned from the Spiritual Light is always true. This Supreme Light is the carrier of the ultimate truth and wisdom that Gnostics call Gnosis. The way to access the Supreme Light is to practice a spiritual form of sun-gazing that was taught in secret by mystery schools of the past and is taught today in the school of Cosolargy.

Before Creation

You might scratch your head at the idea of contemplating what existed “before creation,” but it isn’t some Zen koan-like the sound of one hand clapping. When this Upanishad says “before creation,” it means before creation of the physical universe. Christians would most likely say, “before the Great Fall.” At least the real Christians do. What existed before creation was the original creation of spirit. The real God created the realms of spirit, the fallen creation of matter is the creation of the fallen angels, know to Gnostics as The Demiurge.

Whether the physical universe started out as an egg of silver and gold is questionable. I believe this tale is probably allegorical, though I don’t know the exact meaning of the allegorical symbols used. The lines following in the quote do explain to some degree, but not really the allegory of silver and gold. Let’s briefly look at the general allegorical meaning of those two metals. Silver often relates to the moon, and the moon is often a symbol of darkness. Gold is a symbol of the sun, of God, and of light. So it is saying that this universe is one of darkness and light, truth and ignorance, good and evil. The Supreme Light will repair that in time. We can help by turning to the Supreme Light ourselves and becoming part of the transformation process.


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