death without living

Death Without Living

“O death, how bitter is the remembrance of thee to a man that liveth at rest in his possessions, unto the man that hath nothing to vex him, and that hath prosperity in all things: yea, unto him that is yet able to receive meat! O death, acceptable is thy sentence unto the needy, and unto him whose strength faileth, that is now in the last age, and is vexed with all things, and to him that despaireth, and hath lost patience! Fear not the sentence of death, remember them that have been before thee, and that come after; for this is the sentence of the Lord over all flesh. And why art thou against the pleasure of the most High? there is no inquisition in the grave, whether thou have lived ten, or an hundred, or a thousand years. The children of sinners are abominable children, and they that are conversant in the dwelling of the ungodly. The inheritance of sinners’ children shall perish, and their posterity shall have a perpetual reproach. … All that are of the earth shall turn to earth again: so the ungodly shall go from a curse to destruction. The mourning of men is about their bodies: but an ill name of sinners shall be blotted out. Have regard to thy name; for that shall continue with thee above a thousand great treasures of gold. A good life hath but few days: but a good name endureth for ever. My children, keep discipline in peace: for wisdom that is hid, and a treasure that is not seen, what profit is in them both? A man that hideth his foolishness is better than a man that hideth his wisdom. … Be Ashamed of an offense before a judge and ruler; of iniquity before a congregation and people; of unjust dealing before thy partner and friend; And of theft in regard of the place where thou sojournest, and in regard of the truth of God and his covenant; and to lean with thine elbow upon the meat; and of scorning to give and take; Be not ashamed to inform the unwise and foolish, and the extreme aged that contendeth with those that are young: thus shalt thou be truly learned, and approved of all men living. “ ~Ecclesiasticus

Death Will Come

On the physical level, at least, all of us will die. Those who deny that fact, or spend most of their life and money trying to delay it as much as possible, are living a sad life that isn’t truly living at all.

There are also many who, if asked, will admit that they will one day die, yet they spend their entire life acting as if it will never happen. They make no effort to prepare for death, other than perhaps buying a cemetery plot. They don’t ask themselves when they are preparing to act “Is this something I would do if I knew I was going to die tomorrow?” But we all should think that way. The idea that it is fine to live a frivolous and pointless life for fifty or sixty years, then start doing what matters, is foolish. None of us knows how long he will live, or what condition he will be in when he reaches old age. You might be crippled or blind or have some other infirmary that prevents you from doing many things, so you can’t wait.

In The Last Age

Ecclesiasticus says that the strength of some may fail now that we are in the last age. But this was written over a thousand years ago, so how could it have been the last age? It is probably that he was writing about some future events. We must also remember, however, that an “age” is not a period of ten years or a hundred. An age lasts thousands of years. So when some say that we are in the Last Age or the End Times, that doesn’t mean the end of the material world (really a transformation, not destruction) will happen this year or next. The End Times may last several centuries. Death will come to most of us before the Final Judgement is over.

Fear Not Death

It is not death that we should fear because it will come to all, on the physical level anyway. What we should fear is that we will die without having lived a meaningful life: Death without Living. But different people have different ideas of what is a meaningful life. Helping others is meaningful. Protecting the environment is meaningful. But most meaningful of all is awakening and developing our spiritual faculties, then helping others do the same.

When we awaken and develop our spiritual Self, we become truly immortal, not just in our fantasies. If it was as simple as just wishing for it, the great mystery school would never have existed. But they did exist because they were needed. They taught a process for awakening and developing the spirit and soul. Not just pretending to in your own mind, but actually doing it. And when that happened, they truly became completely alive and no longer faced the possibility of death without living.

Those schools may not exist anymore, but their teachings have been passed on to new schools that still exist. Cosolargy is one such school. It doesn’t exist to make a particular writer wealthy or famous. It exists to help people achieve true awakening before time runs out. So don’t face death without living. Physical death is inevitable. Death without living first is entirely optional, and it isn’t a smart option to choose.


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