God is love

“We say, God is Love, God is Wisdom, and God is Truth. In other words, Love, Wisdom, and Truth comprise the three fundamental things through which God is manifested. Between Love, Wisdom, and Truth, nothing else can get in. If you have Love, if you have Wisdom, if you have Truth, they are the only reality that you can count on. Nothing can get in among them, nothing can split them. You can build with them now everywhere. Wherever you go, they do not lose their value, their power, and their good. And they never lose their fairness and justice.

“We are seeking that Love, that Wisdom, that power in the world that must rejuvenate us, that must resurrect us, to bring us back to life, to make us smart, good,and strong, that’s what we seek.

“Everything that we have lost so far we can find in only three ways: through the road of Love, the road of Wisdom, and the Road of Truth. Those are the ways.

“What is the meaning of life? The meaning of life is the Truth. Then comes the question, ‘what is the Truth?’ That which connects us all things in one unity and gives them meaning, that is the Truth.” ~Beinsa Douno

God is Love

I think it is more precise to say that God is the source of Love, but saying that God is Love is close enough. God is the source of Love because God created all that is real, all that is good, and naturally loves all that he created. Still, like any parent, He can be displeased with our behavior even though He loves us. Many think that if we say that God is Love, we are saying that God has infinite tolerance for our behavior and would never punish us for doing wrong. In a sense, that may be true, but that is only because God doesn’t have to punish us, he has created a universe in which His Law is automatically enforced. For every action, there is a reaction. God doesn’t have to think, “Wow! Fred just jumped off of a cliff! Now I will have to make him fall!” It just happens because of gravity. Granted, the physical world is not the creation of God, yet the laws that govern it are similar since it was generated from the spiritual realms that God did create. So God is Love, but He is also Law and Order.

God is Wisdom

I can’t imagine that anyone who believes in God doesn’t think wisdom is one of His attributes. Indeed, God is the ultimate source of wisdom. When Gnostics speak of achieving that state of ultimate wisdom known as Gnosis, they are talking about becoming one with God, one with the highest level of consciousness. That is the only way to achieve that level of true Wisdom. When Gnostics or others speak of Sophia as the being of Wisdom, they are really just talking about that aspect of God, not a different being. It is hard for some to think that God is Love, Wisdom, Truth, and much more, all in one being, so they look at His different aspects as if they are different beings, but they are not. It is all just one God.

God is Truth

Another thing that God would not do is tell lies, yet there are those who say they believe in God, yet they tell lies. God is the ultimate source of Truth. His truth is absolute, undebatable, unalterable. You can be assured that when God says something, it is the absolute truth. He has no reason to deceive anyone. Of course, there are many who claim to speak for God but are actually only telling you what they believe and that is rarely complete truth. That is why the Gnostics and Mystics taught that the only way to know the truth is to awaken our spiritual faculties and connect directly with God and the highest level of consciousness.

Nothing Can Split Them

God is Love, Wisdom, and Truth, in all ways, at all times. He cannot be Truth, yet not be wise. He cannot be Wisdom and not be telling truth and only truth. And if he is Truth and Wisdom, he must also be Love at all times, for all things that He created since Love and Wisdom are inseparable. So God is Love, Truth, and Wisdom, always, and forever.


2 thoughts on “God is Love, Wisdom, and Truth

  1. Cary Williams says:

    well thought out.

    My opinion agrees with yours for the most part. Also, because Jesus (Yeshua) is God in the flesh, He is also Love, Truth and Wisdom or, as you say, the Source. He indwells the believer making us capable of growing in Love, Wisdom and Truth.
    Thank you.

    1. Harold Boulette says:

      On a basic level, the duad is male and female, but it really means negative nad positive forces or energies.

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