holy are happy

“The holy are happy. Who but they alone will wear joy? The elect wear grace. And who will be arrayed in grace but those who from the beginning have believed? The elect wear love. And who will be arrayed in love but those who from the beginning have believed? Walk in the knowledge of the lord, and you will know the grace of the lord of generosity, his exultation, and the perfection of his gnosis. His thought was a letter, and his will descended from the skies, shot like an arrow violently released from its bow. Many hands rushed to the letter to catch it, take it, and read it, yet it slipped from their fingers, and they were terrified of it and its seal. They couldn’t loosen the seal, for the power of the seal was greater than they. Others saw the letter and chased it, wondering where it would land and who might read it, who might hear it.” ~Odes of Solomon

The Holy are Happy

There are many kinds of happiness in this world. There are many things that can make us happy. Getting a new job can make us happy. Falling in love makes us happy. Winning the lottery makes us happy, etc. But much of that happiness is temporary and often illusion. We are told by others that we all need to have a job in the materialistic world, so we should be happy when we get one. Because everyone tells us that, especially the leaders (manipulators), we believe it and make it true. But after we get that job, we find that the work is harder than we expected it to be, we have to put up with working with difficult individuals, and we don’t feel like we are really accomplishing anything. The happiness doesn’t last. The same is true of those other types of happiness mentioned. But the Odes say the holy are happy, and that is true. More importantly, the holy are happy for reasons that cannot be taken away from them and are not illusions. They are happy because they have seen beyond the veil, the Great Illusion. Once that happens, reality can never be successfully hidden from them again. A wonderful reason to be happy. The holy are happy because they have awakened their spirit and soul. That reason for being happy can also never be taken from them. Most of all, the holy are happy because they have reestablished the link between their soul and God and understand the reality of God and the universe.

Elect Wear Grace

The holy (or elect) are also in grace. Grace meaning that the spiritual Light that comes from God flows through them and in them. It nourishes their spirit and soul allowing them to grow to their full spiritual potential. Another reason why the holy are happy. But don’t just sit like a turnip waiting for the sun to rise and the light (grace) to shine on you. Reach out for that spiritual Light that flows to us through the Spiritual Sun.

Perfection of His Gnosis

The holy are happy when they achieve Gnosis, the knowledge of truth and wisdom that is hidden from the materialist. The Ode says this Gnosis, this thought, is shot from the sky like an arrow, but it slips through the fingers of most. They can’t understand it because they hold false beliefs in their subconscious mind. Those beliefs block out any thoughts that contradict them. That is why the Zen masters say we must empty our cup before it can be filled again. It means we must rid ourselves of those false beliefs that filter every bit of knowledge that comes to us, whether through our physical senses or our spiritual faculties. The holy are happy when they have an open mind and can accept what is real.

The ode says the letter/arrow was seen by others who chased it wondering who could read it and where it would land. Such wondering is another kind of missed opportunity. They chased it but did not reach for it. This is an allegorical way of saying that they wanted enlightenment but didn’t want to work for it. If they had reached for it, it might have been theirs and they could become holy and happy, but by simply wondering where it was going and who it was for, they missed out. That light shines for anyone willing to reach for it, grab it, accept it, and believe it and become holy and happy. It may shine down on us for a day or for a century. We really never know for how long. So when it shines, reach for it, absorb it, become one with it.


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