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“Suffering indicates that one has come into conflict with the Laws of Intelligent Nature. The one who does not attain Divine Wisdom suffers.

“The lack of understanding of the wholeness of life is the source of suffering. Those who would like to free themselves of suffering need to change the direction of their movement. In order to achieve this, one needs to be courageous and resolute. When someone commits a crime, sufferings knocks at the dor and forces that person to begin thinking.

“God has created a harmonious world, and the existing suffering in this world is the result of human actions. At first, Nature tries to teach us with gentleness, and if we do not understand, the storm comes. Nature manifests herself to be like us. She conforms to us, and then we understand her language.

“The good gardener prunes the cultivated trees, leaving the wild ones to grow untouched. For how long? Until their turn comes to be pruned. When a sheep is slaughtered, the other sheep stand by and watch, but the same thing will happen to them. Their turn has not yet come. To the one who has endured suffering to the end, suffering will come no more.” ~Biensa Douno

Laws of Nature

There are three levels of law that humanity has to deal with. The highest level is that of God’s Divine law. The lowest is of manmade laws. In between those two falls the laws of Nature. Those laws are not the same as the Divine Law of God, but the laws of Nature, unlike those of Man, never violate the Law of God. Intelligent Nature is not a fantasy for children and commercials, it is real. All things are part of the One Consciousness, therefore all have some degree of intelligence. Nature gets much of its intelligence from the minds of humans, so it should not be surprising that sometimes intelligent nature gets angry and punishes us.


Douno says those who have not attained Divine Wisdom suffer. There are two reasons for him to say this. One is that the awakened person isn’t so easily affected by the world of illusion around him, so is less likely to suffer. But even the most advanced spiritual adepts may get a disease or be injured so they may suffer some, but far less than the average person. Second, suffering is often a way to get the stubborn to partially awaken and start moving in the direction of complete spiritual awakening. It is, in some cases, why certain disasters happen in this world. The silver lining of the disasters is that it helps some become aware of what reality is and what illusion is.

Free Yourself

Can we free ourselves from all suffering? Probably not. But we can certainly limit our suffering and control how we respond to it. We don’t have to respond with anger and violence. We don’t have to respond by becoming depressed and hopeless. We can accept that some suffering is necessary so we understand that we live in the world of suffering and if we want to escape, we must help transform this world back into spirit. We also must accept that some suffering is the result of or own behavior. Karma is but a teachers and should not be greeted with anger, but learned from. When we refuse to learn from our karma, we doom ourselves to more suffering. Intelligent Nature doesn’t attack people randomly.

Nature Teaches

Intelligent Nature is one of the greatest teachers available to us, at least until we awaken our spiritual faculties and can communicate with higher beings. Even the materialists can learn from nature, but few do. But while Nature may initially teach with gentleness as Douno says, she does not have infinite patience, especially when foolish humans seem hellbent on destroying her. Nature has many tools, many weapons, at her disposal when she needs to teach a species some manners, and that includes Man. For centuries many humans have been fighting Nature as if she is an enemy, and the result is always the same: we win some battles, but always lose the war. Yet many won’t learn and continue to fight against Nature instead or learning to live within her laws and boundaries.

When we overpopulate an area to the detriment of natural species, disease, famine, or floods cut back the overpopulation. When we cancel wise environmental protection laws, we are hit by floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes. It isn’t a coincidence that those things are happenings mostly in states that voted Trump, the anti-environment president, into office. We built dams to control Nature, and earthquakes result. Some dams have been taken down in recent years because some are finally realizing that they usually do more harm than good. Intelligent Nature wants to coexist with us, not destroy us. There is a limit, though, to how much harm she will accept from us. And then there is her big brother Sol (the sun) who isn’t happy with how we are treating her. His wrath can be far worse than hers.


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