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“A man is silent and calm; he stands steady like a rock amidst the tumult of raging waters. He bears himself patiently before the temper of a wrathful man and control himself in the presence of a fool. His decisions are made clearly and without undue haste. He is prepared for whatever may befall, his reckoning embraces both success and failure.

“A man judges all men equally by one standard and expects each to act according to his capacity. He is prepared to meet strength with strength. He does not shirk the issue with violent men, nor does he suppress his wrath when the cause is just.

“A man safeguards his reputation and challenges those who would steal it from him. He is prudent and wary, he is not easily beguiled. He weighs all things in his mind and concludes all things by reasoning.

“A man receives the stranger with hospitality and politeness. He gives generously to the needy and eases the burden of the heavy-laden. He is cheerful under difficulties, and his face is never sullen or mean.

“A man is impartial in his dealings. He is fair and just to all men.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (Man:9:2-12)

A Man is Silent and Calm

First, we have to understand that the author of this short section of the Kolbrin Bible is talking about his concept of the ideal man, not the average or typical man. He is saying this is how men should be, not how they actually are.

Most of the Kolbrin Bible appears to have been written by people with great spiritual knowledge. They may have been teachers in some unidentified mystery school or advanced students. The author of this section does not fit that description. His knowledge seems to be more of a materialistic and intellectual kind, yet I felt that much of what he said makes sense.

So a man is silent and calm because he has his emotions under control. He doesn’t just react like a dog noticing a cat in the park. He thinks about how to react and reacts sensibly. There are exceptions, of course. If he sees someone being murdered, he is not going to contemplate what to do, he is going to act quickly. But most of us react emotionally more often then we should.

A Man Judges Equally

It is true that we should not judge others. But there are times when we have to judge to some degree, and that kind of judging is allowed. If we are interviewing people for a job opening, we have to judge who is the best qualified. If we are hiring a contractor to paint our house, we have to judge them on reputation and references. But judging others because of their religion, race, sex, or nationality is not acceptable. We need to have the wisdom to tell the difference between those two kinds of judging.

A Man Values His Reputation

We all like to have a good reputation. But what we consider a good reputation may vary, and in some cases, not be a good thing at all. For example, a hitman may value having a reputation as a highly successful killer, but that is not a good thing. Yet he will want to protect that reputation.

For most of us, though, a good reputation means among our family, friends, and community. If someone spreads false rumors about him that can ruin that reputation, he is justified in confronting the person and telling him to stop. He is not justified in resorting to violence. Nor is he justified in using the approach of spreading false rumors about the other person. Two wrongs never make a right.

A Man is Hospitable, Polite, and Generous

Again, this is talking about the ideal, not the average person. What is considered good hospitality and manners may vary from one society to another, but whatever society you are in, you should follow the rules for that society, even if you are just visiting. As the old saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

I remember the time I took a vacation to Nassau in the Bahamas. I made the mistake of going in April not realizing there would be spring-breakers there from American colleges. Now college students are supposed to be well educated, yet none of them seemed to know that it is considered poor manners to go shirtless anywhere but on the beach. Right in downtown Nassau, these college students were running around in just swimsuits or shorts. That would have been fine in Miami but was bad manners in Nassau.

On the other hand, in an American restaurant, it would be poor manners to burp loudly after eating. But in some Oriental countries, that is considered a compliment to the chef, so is good manners.

As for being generous, that is pretty much the same everywhere. We should all do what we can to help those who need it. Unfortunately, it has been shown that with only a small number of exceptions, most very wealthy people are the least generous. Sure, you might hear about them making a Half-million dollar donation to one cause or another, but that actually isn’t much when you have billions. The poor kid who shares his lunch with a homeless person making himself hungry in the process is being far more generous because he is giving enough for it to have an effect on himself.

A Spiritual Man

This ideal man (or woman) in the quote may not be the most advanced spiritual person, but he isn’t materialistic either. He has taken the time to at least start developing his spiritual faculties. When he gets far enough, he will know that it is even more important to help others on a spiritual level. He will know that feeding the soul is more important than feeding the stomach. But both matter.


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