wisdom lifts

“ Wisdom lifts up the head of him that is of low degree, and maketh him to sit among great men. Commend not a man for his beauty; neither abhor a man for his outward appearance. The bee is little among such as fly; but her fruit is the chief of sweet things. Boast not of thy clothing and raiment, and exalt not thyself in the day of honor: for the works of the Lord are wonderful, and his works among men are hidden.

“Many kings have sat down upon the ground; and one that was never thought of hath worn the crown. Many mighty men have been greatly disgraced; and the honorable delivered into other men’s hands. “Blame not before thou hast examined the truth: understand first, and then rebuke. Answer not before thou hast heard the cause: neither interrupt men in the midst of their talk. Strive not in a matter that concerneth thee not; and sit not in judgment with sinners. My son, meddle not with many matters: for if thou meddle much, thou shalt not be innocent; and if thou follow after, thou shalt not obtain, neither shalt thou escape by fleeing.

“There is one that laboureth, and taketh pains, and maketh haste, and is so much the more behind. Again, there is another that is slow, and hath need of help, wanting ability, and full of poverty; yet the eye of the Lord looked upon him for good, and set him up from his low estate, and lifted up his head from misery; so that many that saw it marveled at him. Prosperity and adversity, life and death, poverty and riches, come of the Lord. Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the law, are of the Lord: love, and the way of good works, are from him.” ~Ecclesiasticus

Wisdom Lifts

Wisdom does lift us up when we are feeling down or lost. When things get complicated and we don’t know where to turn, Wisdom knows the answer. First, though, we have to awaken our spirit and soul so that the soul can link to the source of Wisdom and Truth. Until then, we have only Earthy wisdom, which isn’t the best Wisdom, and may, in fact, not be wisdom at all.

Unfortunately, many mistake lies for wisdom and truth, especially when the lies tell them exactly what they want to hear. This is an error we must grow out of, and soon. We need to realize that if the politicians, news reporters, and other authorities are telling us exactly what we want to hear, it is almost certainly a lie. A pleasant lie is not truth at all, no matter how often it is repeated.

Flying Things

The bee does seem small and insignificant when compared to the eagle, hawk, or even a hummingbird. But such is not the case. The bee may be small, but it is more important for us than all those other flying animals. Nearly all the plant food we eat requires bees to be fertilized. And even the meat animals need to eat plants that are fertilized by bees. So the bee is far more important than its size might indicate. So what Ecclesiasticus is saying is don’t judge things by their size, beauty, or outward appearance of any sort. The large blueberries grown in a greenhouse have less flavor and nutrients than the smaller ones growing wild.

Kings Fall Down

History tells us of many kings who have “sat down on the ground,” meaning they have lost their power and their kingdom. The world of matter is a world of change and power gained in this world is always an illusion and temporary. Yet many keep seeking it while neglecting the real power of the eternal spirit. The only kings who never fall are the ones Wisdom lifts, but it is rare for kings, or the modern equivalent, to turn to the spiritual for help or advice.

Help Those Who Need Help

It really doesn’t – or at least shouldn’t – take one who Wisdom lifts to understand that we should all help those less fortunate: the poor, the sick, the feeble-minded, etc. It should only take simple common sense. Sadly, that is nearly as lacking today as is true spiritual Wisdom. In any case, Those whom Wisdom lifts will definitely understand the need to help others less fortunate. They will also understand that helping others doesn’t end with those who need physical help. They know that it is even more important to help those who need it on a spiritual rather than a physical level. So they will seek out others who are beginning to awaken to their true Self, and help point them in the right direction, help protect them from the evil beings and forces that try to stop such activities, and get them moving.

Wisdom Lifts to Reach Out

Wisdom doesn’t lift us up so we can look down on others and feel superior to them or use our knowledge to control them. Wisdom lifts so we can reach down a helping hand and pull up our brothers and sisters. This is not just a desirable thing, it is a necessity. In order for us individually to be saved, humanity must be saved as a whole. There may be some lost on the way, but we must move forward as if we are a single being, not a mass of individuals.


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