“Nothing truly but your own willing, hearing, and seeing do keep you back from God, and hinders you from coming to this Supersensual State or the Life which is above Sense. And it is because you strive so against that, out of which you yourself are descended and derived, that you thus break yourself off, with your own Willing, from God’s Willing, and with your own seeing from God’s Seeing. In as much as as in your own seeing you see in your own Willing only, and with your own understanding you understand but in and according to this thy own Willing, as the same stands divided from the Divine Will. This thy Willing moreover stops thy hearing and makes you deaf towards God, through your own thinking upon terrestrial things, and your attending to that which is without you, and so it brings you into a Ground, where your are laid hold on and captivated in Nature. And having brought you here, it overshadows you with thine own chains, and it keeps you in your own dark prison which you make for yourself; so you can not go out thence, or come to the state which is above Nature and above Sense. ~Jacob Boehme

Our Own Willing

There is no doubt that it is our own will and our own beliefs that keep us from truth, wisdom, and God. It is true that we get much of this from others, but it is still our will, beliefs, and subconscious mind that is blocking our spiritual vision and growth.

We are a product of the world and society we live in. Our parents, teachers, friends, and even total strangers teach us things when we are young and we retain them and believe them. The problem with this is that very often the one teaching us doesn’t know that those teachings are true any more than you do. They only know that it is what is accepted as true by the majority of the society, or the church they belong to. And since modern science behaves much like a dogmatic church, they are as much a contributor to false beliefs as the churches are. So by the time we reach an age where we can make decisions on our own, we have already been filled with false and speculative beliefs and ideas that hold us down like a bunch of sandbags attached to a hot air balloon. But the responsibility for clearing out the subconscious so we can gain access to the truth is ours, not theirs.

Supersensual State

Something that is supersensual is beyond that which is perceived by the five senses. The supersensual state that Boehme refers to is more specific than that. It means that which is spiritual and perceived only by the spiritual faculties. But we can block that perception by our own will when our subconscious is clogged with false beliefs. We can also prevent that supersensual state by allowing our spirit and soul to remain in the dormant state they are in when we are born into the physical world. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people do just that, even many who are religious or spiritual because few spiritual schools are teaching people of this fact.

Captivated in Nature

There is nothing wrong with liking nature. It is actually recommended for all spiritual people to commune with nature regularly and appreciate the gifts of nature. But when we look no further than the material world to define our reality, that is what Boehme means by being captivated by nature. There are some who think that being captivated by nature is the total concept of being spiritual, but it isn’t. Being spiritual and entering that supersensual state means going beyond the physical, even going beyond the psychic, all the way to the dimensions of spirit. This is the place of our origin. It is the place our spirits and souls call home and where they wish to return. We should listen to what the soul desires. But we do have to awaken it first using the light of the spiritual sun. It doesn’t just happen because we wish for it. Awakening the soul takes energy and the best source of that spiritual energy is the spiritual sun. Those who have become supersensual understand that.


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