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“Nearly all of us … have had experiences which will enable us to comprehend something of the Sixth Principle – have had glimmerings of consciousness which helps us to understand something of the Spiritual Mind. A tendency toward the occult – the hunger of the soul for more light are indications that the Sixth Principle, Spiritual Mind, is beginning to shade into our consciousness, and, although it may be ages before we awaken into full Spiritual Consciousness, we are still being influenced and helped by it.

“This spiritual unrest often causes us great discomfort, until we find ourselves on the right road to knowledge, and even thereafter we feel more or less unsatisfied by the few crumbs that drop to us from the table of Knowledge. But despair not, seekers after the truth; these pains are but the travail of spiritual birth – great things are before you – take courage and fear not.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Spiritual Mind

The first thing we all have to understand is that Spiritual Mind, or Spiritual Consciousness, is not a part of the regular mind of the physical being and world. Spiritual Mind is spirit, not physical at all. It is not an offshoot of the body or the brain. In fact, it existed long before the body and brain. It can, under the right circumstances, communicate with the brain-mind, but it is completely separate.

Hints of Awakening

Mr.Atkinson mentions interest in the occult, a hunger for more light – meaning spiritual, not physical light – is an indication that you are beginning to become spiritually awake. Beginning, but not their yet. In Cosolargy, anyway, this awareness that there is more to reality than matter and materialism is but the first step on a long path to spiritual awakening. We don’t consider a person to be awakened until the spirit and soul, which are in a dormant state when we arrive in the physical realm, wake up and become conscious. Anything less than that is not full awakening.

There are other hints of awakening besides the two mentioned by Atkinson. In my case, as with many others, it was a feeling, and finally a realization, that the teachings of my conventional church were not entirely true, nor complete. The traditional churches teach us something about God, but do not teach us how to develop our own spiritual faculties. Yes, they do teach us to be moral and good citizens – social teachings, not spiritual.

Another common trigger that sends people down the path of spiritual enlightenment and the awakening of the spiritual mind is death. Not death of themselves, but the death of a friend or a loved one. The best known example of this is Nostradamus, the physician who became a seer after the plague took his family from him. That didn’t happen overnight, but the tragedy of his life triggered his change of paths. Other tragedies such as disease, natural disasters, and wars (St. Francis of Assisi) can do the same.

The Soul is the Spiritual Mind

Just as the physical body has a mind, so does the spirit, or spiritual body. That spiritual mind is the soul. Not a part of the soul, not a function of the soul, the entire soul. The Divine Soul is the spiritual mind. But this is true only of the Divine Soul.

Few schools still teach this, but we humans are more complex than we think, and we actually have two souls. The lesser soul, or mundane soul, is related to the physical body and mind an is as limited as they are. Other beings such as most animals also have this mundane soul. But the greater Soul, the Divine Soul, is not part of the physical body, but instead, part of the spirit. It is the one and only soul that can communicate with the higher levels of being and consciousness. It is the Spiritual Mind.

Great Things

Great things are indeed coming in the new Golden Age that is dawning now. This is, as Atkinson notes, one reason to not fear, but there are others. Even if we don’t believe that we are at the beginning of a Golden Age of Spirituality, we should avoid fear. The primary reason is that fear causes us to make bad decisions. In addition, fear is like a magnet that attracts to us the things we fear most. So id you want to awaken and use your spiritual mind, avoid living in fear. I know that is easier said than done, but the first step is easy. Don’t follow the crowd and nurse your fear like it is a prize flower you are growing. Turn away from fear and don’t feed it.


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