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“That which most men would think themselves most happy for, and would prefer before all things, if the would grant it unto them after their deaths, thou may while thou lives grant unto thyself; to live again. See the things of the world again, as thou has already seen them. For what is it else to live again? Public shows and solemnities with much pomp and vanity, stage plays, flocks and herds, conflicts and contentions; a bone thrown to a company of hungry curs; a bait for greedy fishes; the painfulness, and continual burden bearing of wretched ants, the running to and fro of terrified mice; little puppets drawn up and down with wires and nerves: these be the objects of the world among all these free from all manner of indignation; with this right ratiocination and apprehension, that as the worth is of these things which a man does affect, so is in very deed every man’s orth more of less.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Prefer to Live Again Before All Things

I’m not sure all men prefer it above all other things, but I think it is true of most of us. What we want is to live for a long time. A very long time. We want it so badly that many have accepted the idea that we are reborn into the world over and over again with very little evidence to back up the belief. But many are not just satisfied with being born again. They want to be reborn smarter, richer, more attractive, and otherwise better than they are now. Aurelius is saying that it is possible, and without waiting for death and the afterlife. You can live again now, not later.

Grant Unto Thyself

Aurelius is saying that rather than waiting for death to bring us to a better, more illuminated life, we can seek and gain that life now, while still alive on earth. This is what has been taught by mystics and mystery schools for ages, but only a few ever listened. That is changing, though, now that we are at the dawn of a new Golden Age of Spirit. The spiritual sun known as the Sun of Righteousness is now shining down on us. This is making it easier for men to awaken and develop their spiritual faculties. It is also making it more imperative since the arrival of this sun also marked the beginning of the End Times, the age when the illusions of materialism will be pushed away and the truth revealed. We are learning to live again and be reborn right where we are.

Of Mice, Ants, and Men

It may not be clear what Aurelius is saying when he talks about shows and solemnities, plays and conflicts, etc. He says these are like a bone thrown to hungry curs. He then goes into ants bearing a heavy burden and the running to and fro of frightened mice. It all sounds confusing.

What he is saying is that the powers that control us, both human and demonic, are using things like plays and shows, gladiator fights, etc. to keep us distracted and under control. Not much has changed in the centuries since he wrote that. Today we are kept busy and content with movies, television, concerts, and sports. We have the news media promoting these things as if they are the most important events in the world—and we listen. We hold parades for winners of games. When was the last time we held a parade for a spiritual leader for saving souls? We build statues and monuments for those who fight wars. Where are the statues for those who work for peace? We are manipulated into believing the important things don’t matter and the trivial are important. Fortunately, some are waking up to this deception and manipulation and are resisting it. Some are even going far enough to start developing their spiritual faculties as well as the physical and mental ones. They will live again and bring truth and justice into a world too long controlled by manipulators and greedy people who, while not aware of it, are themselves being manipulated and controlled by devils and demons.

Manipulated Virus

As I write this, all the world is going through a difficult period due to the virus known as Covid-19. While this virus is a very real thing and is killing people all over the world, it is also being used as a tool by the manipulators. This may be more obvious in some places than others, but it is true everywhere. For example, President Trump has started referring to this disease as a Chinese virus. While it may have started in China, that doesn’t make it Chinese. But the message to his followers with giving it that name is clear: don’t blame me, blame the Chinese. The result has been that some Chinese Americans have been attacked by the Trumpians for no reason other than being Chinese, so it must be their fault.

News media including the Weather channel are running Public Service announcements telling us that using things like garlic and other herbs and natural methods of trying to ward off the virus don’t work. They do that with other illnesses as well. The point is, we are being told indirectly that we must rely on the expensive, and often dangerous, chemical concoctions of the drug industry for treating illness. The media often talks about the number who have died from Covid-19, yet they never put it into perspective. While it is certainly a dangerous virus, it is daily killing fewer people than the flu, cancer, heart attacks, etc., etc. But the authorities are acting as if it is the most deadly killer out there. Another type of manipulation. But it might backfire. The fear of the virus and the hardships being caused by the various restrictions on people may cause some to began to awaken to the truth. Then you may begin to live again in truth and wisdom.


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