the path

“”O thou that lovest, wouldst thou know
The path wherein thy feet should go?”
”Yea, teach it, Lord, to me.”
Through drear repentance leads the way,
And the shame of sin confessed—
And when thou hast trod on the world’s display,
And on the devil’s behest,
And on the flesh in its haughty pride,
And on thy helpless will,
That holds the soul of the chosen bride
In bonds and slavery still,
And when the enemy conquered lies,
And weary art thou and athirst—
Then to Him whom thou lovest lift thine eyes,
To Him who loved thee first.” Then shall He speak and say—
I hear a voice that calleth amain,
A voice of love and tears;
I have wooed, and I have listened in vain Through long, long years—
And it speaks to-day.
My heart is troubled, and I must haste To the sad sweet voice across the waste.”
. . . . . . .
And in the morning, when the dew is sweet,
She hears the gentle music of His feet— She hears Him speak and say,
I heard thy voice.”
The glorious One draws nigh;”
“Amidst the dew when all the woods rejoice
With gladsome melody.
And she arrays herself in fair attire,
In raiment of a bride;
Her mantle is the holy judgment fire
Wherein the gold is tried.
Of meek humility her stole is spun, Her robe is white as snow,
For unto Him, the High and Holy One,
She fain would go.
And thus she passeth through the forest dim,
Where holy people dwell,
And day and night, with dance and song and hymn,
Their gladness tell;
With solemn dance of praise that knows no end,
Hands linked with other hands of ancient years;
The mighty faith of Abraham His friend,
The longing of His seers;
The chaste humility of her who bore God’s blessed Son;
And all the victories that in days of yore
His saints have won—
These join in dance attuned to glorious song
And move in cadence sweet,
And multiplied as ages pass along
Are those rejoicing feet.” ~Matilda of Magdeburg

The Path

Matilda starts her poem by asking God to show her The Path. This is not a path to her home or a path through a forest. By The Path, she means the path of spiritual awakening and the path of spiritual enlightenment. This is something that many who call themselves spiritual these days don’t believe in. When false teachers are questioned about why the path they teach is so different from that taught by the ancient mystery schools, they will usually answer that there are many paths and we must each follow our own path. This idea has caught on with many, especially those who don’t like being told what to do. But it is a false teaching. Yes, it is possible to reach enlightenment by more than the tried-and-true path, but the direct path that is known to work is always the best. If you are in Paris, France, and you wish to go to Rome, you can head off in many directions, but if you head north or east it will take you forever to get there. It is best to head in the right direction. That is why smart spiritual students like Matilda ask to be shown the correct path, the one that is known to work.

Repent and Confess

Matilda says she has started along the Path by repenting and confessing her sins. This shows that she is correct when she needs to be shown the True Path. Repenting and confessing may be useful, but not very significant except as it helps us develop humility, which is important.

Bride in Bonds

The “bride” who is in bonds and slavery is the human soul. It isn’t literally in bonds, but it is dormant when we come into the physical world and must be awakened to become functional. Too many people fail to grasp that, and so remain in a kind of slavery to materialism. Many think that by developing the mind they are awakening the soul. They too are wrong. The soul is completely different from the mind. The soul is what must be awakened to follow The Path. The most effective way to awaken the soul is with the light of the spiritual sun.

Judgment Fire

The Judgment Fire does not burn and destroy us. It cleanses us, it destroys the evil only, not the vessel containing it. That is what Matilda means when she says this fire is “wherin the gold is tried”. When precious metals like gold and silver are taken out of the ground, they are rarely, if ever, pure. They have to be melted down to remove impurities in order to get pure gold or pure silver. That is what the fire of judgment does.

Unending Dance

There are numerous examples in scripture of all faiths where a person in the joy of spiritual awakening dances and sings. Matilda says this dance has no end. That is because the spirit and soul are eternal. Since this joy comes from the awakened spirit and soul, this joy that causes one to dance and sing—literally or figuratively—is never-ending. It is the dance of life, true life, spiritual life which is eternal. This is the path to follow. If you don’t follow the correct path, your odds of arriving at the right destination are very slim at best. Don’t waste your limited time following arbitrary or random paths. Follow the path that is tried and true, the only followed by mystics and saints throughout the ages.



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