Statutes of men

“Man directs his life by the laws of God and the statutes of men. The statutes of men, which are for the good of men, are to be upheld by the Children of Light, who shall not live for the next life only.

“These laws, though stricken on marble ans set up on everlasting pillars at the gateways of the temples, are but diversions for the eye and exercise for the tongue, unless graven also on the tablets of your heart. Thus, you shall not fall into error.

“A man does not obey the statutes because they are the law of the land, but because they accord with his nature and inclinations. The true nature of Man stems from the Godly directive within and is, therefore, above the edicts of kings.

“In upholding the laws and statutes, the chief concern should be a man’s good intent. If he intends well and is diligent, he can be forgiven much, but if he intends well but is thoughtless, then he shall not be looked upon so kindly. Remember; men do not dispense justice, they can but hope to serve it. God alone knows what is good or wicked within his heart, therefore, He alone can dispense true justice.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (MAN:8:1-4)

Law of God

To anyone who is truly spiritual, the Law of God reigns supreme. God knows all. God is all. So to try to second guess God is foolhardy. Of course, the real problem is to distinguish what is actually the Law of God from what is the opinions of men putting words into God’s mouth. The only way to truly know God’s Law is to awaken our spiritual faculties. The awakened soul is then in direct contact with angelic beings and occasionally with God, therefore, it knows truth and it knows God’s Law. What’s more, it knows the importance of following God’s Law and has no interest in rebelling and doing its own thing.

Statutes of Men

This section of the Kolbrin Bible speaks about two kinds of law; God’s Law and the Statutes of Man. They left out an intermediate level which is the laws of nature. But they are not important to this discussion, so we can skip them. I just wanted to mention that there is something in the middle.

The Kolbrin Bible says that all good men should obey both the Law of God and the Statutes of Man. Even the Children of Light should do this. That is a common teaching in spiritual schools, the real ones anyway. The laws or statutes of men are not always just and not always in accord with the Law of God. Nevertheless, we should avoid violating the law. First, because we don’t want to give people the impression that spiritual students are a lawless rabble. Second, because if we are to help our brothers and sisters awaken and grow, we must play along with their games most of the time. Also, when we do things that are considered wrong or illegal by most they send negative energy towards us and that energy can be harmful.

Unfair Statutes of Men

In some cases, the laws that are created by man are not done so out of a desire to clarify the very general Law of God, but with the intention of making law that is beneficial to certain men, the wealthy and powerful, while being harmful to most others. There are also laws passed by greedy men and despots that would require us to completely violate the Law of God. When the statutes of men are not just, we should work to get them changed. In the meantime, however, we should follow them if at all possible. When those laws are clearly violations of the Law of God, then we must disobey those laws even if it means we will be jailed, or worse.

The Lawmakers

In the times of the Kolbrin Bible, those who made the laws were those who had achieved the highest level of spiritual development, the highest level of consciousness, of all the members of the community. That virtually guaranteed that in their society, the statutes of men would be in complete compliance with the Laws of God and Nature. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Even in places where there are a reasonably large number of spiritual people, they are not the ones in power, and the ones in power rarely seek their advice. That will all change in the New Golden age which is dawning now.

Men and Justice

The quote from The Kolbrin Bible says men do not dispense justice, they can only serve it, for only God truly knows what is in the hearts of men. Unfortunately, that also is no longer the case. The statutes of Men are not only made by uninspired men, but justice is also handed out by unenlightened men. That too will change in the New Golden Age.


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