God within

“God sees the dwelling and the resting place which He has made within us and through us; namely, the unity and the likeness. And He wills to visit this unity without interruption, with a new coming of His most high birth and with a rich pouring forth of his fathomless love; for he wills to dwell in bliss within the loving spirit. And He wills to visit the likeness of our spirit with rich gifts, so that we become more like unto Him and more enlightened in the virtues. Now it is Christ’s will that we should dwell and abide within the essential unity of our spirit, rich with Zhim above all creaturely works and above all virtues; and that we should dwell actively to that same unity, rich and fulfilled with virtues and heavenly gifts. And He wills that we shall visit that unity and that likeness without interruption, by means of every work which we do; for in every new ‘Now,’ God is born in us, and from this most high birth the Holy Ghost flows forth with all His gifts. Therefore we should go out to meet the gifts of God through the likeness and the most high birth, through the unity.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

God Within Us

The dwelling place and resting place that God has created within us is, of course, the Divine Soul. Ruysbroeck calls it “the unity and the likeness.” Both of those terms describe the human soul and nothing else within us. The soul is part of the Unity because it is spirit, not matter. Because it is spirit, it occupies all space, all time, and is, therefore, part of the Unity. If all spirits occupy all space and all time—and they do—then they must all be part of the Unity. Likewise, being spirit, the soul is the part of us that has the likeness of God because God is also pure spirit. Don’t look for God to have a body similar to ours, because he doesn’t. It is the Divine Soul that is created in His “image and likeness”.

Visit the Unity

I think this may be a mistake in wording or mistranslation of what Ruysbroeck said, or at least meant. I don’t think God wills to visit the unity, He is the unity! God within wills for us to join the unity. Our Divine Souls come from the Unity and are always part of the unity, but if we let them stay dormant within us, we are disconnected from the unity. So the key to visiting the Unity is to awaken our soul from its dormant state. We do that with the light from the Spiritual Sun. God within us is in the soul, not the body.

Fathomless Love

God’s love is unlimited. He loves all, even the fallen angels, even Satan. He may not love what they currently are, but he gives all an opportunity to redeem themselves. That is the unlimited breadth and depth of His Love. His love is life itself, for it can be said that the life force that generates all life in all dimensions of the universe is a creation of God’s unlimited love.

But while God within loves all of us, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care what we do or think. He cares very much that we follow His Law. When we don’t He will forgive us if we seek forgiveness and redemption, but we must seek it and agree to pay the necessary karmic debt. God does not blindly forgive all abhorrent acts just because he loves us. That isn’t love at all, but indifference.

Rich Gifts

God does grant us rich gifts. But many get confused about this and think they can tell God what gifts he should give them. They pray to God to give them a new car, a new house, a new job, and so on. But just as you don’t tell people what to give you for Christmas or birthdays (or shouldn’t, anyway) you don’t tell God what to give. First, because it is rude to do so. Second, because God knows far better than you do what gifts you truly need. The greatest of His gifts to us is eternal life. But that is the eternal life of spirit and soul, not body and mind. The gift of eternal life is given to those who earn it, not those who refuse to work for it. It isn’t automatic. Exactly what you need to do to earn it is complicated and best taught over time by a competent spiritual school, not by memes, blogs, or social media groups.

Go Out to Meet the Gifts

Ruysbroeck is correct in saying that we must go out to meet the gifts that God offers us. A gold miner might strike it rich by finding a large vein of gold. He won’t strike it rich by sitting on the sofa wishing he had a lot of gold. A person won’t become a renowned surgeon by reading books about surgery. He has to actually get a medical degree and practice surgery. Likewise, the greatest gifts of God, while available to everyone, wait behind a veil or shield for us to work for them and reach out for them.

God within us doesn’t mean that we can declare that we are God and can do as we please. An ant is just an ant, not the entire colony. But the ant must function as part of the colony to survive. A single brick isn’t the Great Wall of China, but only a minuscule part of it. That brick doesn’t tell the entire wall how to function, it’s the other way around. So become one with God within and without and don’t let your ego declare itself a god.


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