below and above

“It is, beyond any doubt, most certain and true, that the Below is like the Above, and thereby can be accomplished the miracle of one only thing. As all things are derived from one thing, by the Will and the Word of the One who created it in His mind; likewise all things result from this unity by the order of nature. Its father is the sun, its mother te moon; the air carries it it in its womb; its nurse is the earth. Thus thing is the origin of all perfections that exist through the world. Its power is most perfect when it has been reduced to earth.

“Separate the earth from the fire, and the subtle from that which is gross; act with prudence, understanding, and modesty. It rises up from the earth to the heavens, and returns again to the earth, taking unto itself the power of the Above and the Below. Thus you will obtain the the glory of the whole world.

“Therefore, discard all ignorance and impotency. This is the strongest of all powers, for it overcomes all subtle things, and can penetrate through all that is gross.” ~Franz Hartmann

Below and Above

Almost everyone who has studied spiritual teaching is familiar with the Hermetic teaching that what is above is like that which is below, what is outside is like that which is inside. But most seem to have a limited understanding of this confining it to the material level of existence. They compare the structure of the cosmos with that of the brain, the branches of a tree with those in the lungs, etc. This is fine as far as it goes. It does show that this law applies within the levels of the material universe. But the hermetic teachings were about spiritual growth, not studies of the physical world. So when Hermes said “As above, so below” he was talking in terms of dimensions. So what he really meant is that the things that happen in higher dimensions, spiritual dimensions, trickle down to the lower dimensions of matter. We must remember, though, that things roll downhill easily, but need to be pushed uphill. The same applies here, in a sense. What happens in higher realms of spirit easily affects the lower dimensions of matter, but what happens in the world of matter has little effect on the higher realms. So then why “as below, so above?” Because Hermes is trying to tell us that we can get some idea of what is happening in higher realms by noticing what changes are taking place in the lower ones. Below and Above are mirrors to some degree.

Man to Animal and Plant

Another side of below and above that is often ignored is the interchange between humans and other lifeforms on planet Earth. We complain about vicious animals that attack and kill people. We don’t understand why there are poisonous plants that can make us sick or dead. “Why do such things exist?” we ask. The answer is, they exist because we make them what they are.

Humanity has a far greater effect on life on earth than most of us realize. We are, in some ways, far more powerful than we realize. Let’s look at some examples.

Some people in the world are very loving, kind, peaceful and generous. They think that way also and there thinking broadcasts at certain frequencies. An animal such as a rabbit that is in tune with those frequencies will behave the same way. They will be peaceful and loving because that is what they tap into. It is like a path they are following through the forest.

Other people are angry, jealous, fearful, and quick to turn to violence as a solution to problems. A tiger might be attuned to such people. Because of that, the tiger must follow that path rather than the path the rabbit follows. It has little choice. It will be violent, fearful, suspicious just like the humans it emulates without ever knowing why.

Our relationship with plants works much the same way. I think it was the great botanist, Luther Burbank, who developed a hybrid cactus with no thorns by talking to the cactus plants and telling them they didn’t need to fear and didn’t need thorns. Again, above and below working together in what most consider mysterious ways.

All from One and One from All

All “things” are derived from one “thing” and that one thing is consciousness. Consciousness is the creative force. Below and Above is really saying that just as consciousness is responsible for all that is above, it is also responsible for all that is below.


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