tincture of the philosophers

“Some of the first and primitive philosophers of Egypt have lived by means of this tincture for a hundred and fifty years. The life of many, too, has been extended and prolonged to several centuries as is most clearly shown in different histories, though it seems scarcely credible to anyone. …

“So then the Tincture of the Philosophers is universal medicine, and consumes all diseases, by whatever name they are called, just like an invisible force. The dose is very small, but its effect is most powerful. By means thereof I have cured leprosy, venereal diseases, dropsy, the falling sickness, colic, scab, and similar afflictions; also lupus, cancer, fistulas, and the whole race of internal diseases, more surely than one could believe. … This is the Catholicum of the Philosophers, by which all these philosophers have attained this end entirely and most effectively, and so, according to their judgment, they named it The Tincture of the Philosophers.” ~Paracelsus

Tincture of the Philosophers

This Tincture of the Philosophers is the same thing most of us know as the philosopher’s stone. It was called the sorcerer’s stone in the Harry Potter tales, but still the same idea. The Fountain Of Youth is another variation. But while it may be true that this tincture cured many illnesses and extended physical life, there is little evidence of that. Even if it could extend physical life by decades, or even centuries, that would pale in comparison to its true purpose which is spiritual.

Alchemy and Spirituality

Paracelsus was a well-known writer and alchemist. But the quote from one of his books tells me that either he is deliberately hiding the truth, or doesn’t know it himself. That is because the true alchemist was concerned with saving souls, not extending the life of the physical body by a few years. The so-called conversion of lead to gold that some alchemists claimed to do really meant converting the lead mind of the materialist into the gold mind of the spiritual person.

Spiritual Tincture

While it may be true that this Tincture of the Philosophers could cure many physical illnesses, its primary purpose was to awaken and develop the spirit and soul. By doing so, you also help the person’s physical health and mental health, but those benefits were considered secondary. The important thing is that the awakened spirit and soul could develop along with the mind and body into an integrated being while still on earth. That was the goal of the real alchemist. And the real Tincture of the Philosophers was the light of the spiritual sun. That light is the only light that can awaken and nourish the spirit and soul.

Catholicum of the Philosophers

Paracelsus says this Tincture of the Philosophers was the Catholicum of the Philosophers. By that, he means that it was universal, known and practiced by all. We could also look at it as meaning that this tincture was universal because the light of the spiritual sun shines down on everyone, rich or poor, black or white, male or female. Yet it doesn’t affect all people. Those who deny it, or anything else spiritual, will get little from it. Those who are neutral on the subject will do better. Those who actively seek the light and spiritual growth will do the best. So don’t wait until it’s too late. Start making use of The Tincture of the Philosophers today.


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