“If people refuse to make sacrifices voluntarily, they will be forced to do so from without. Everyone can see the impending catastrophe, but not everyone knows how to avoid it. For centuries, unconscious mechanical forces have been accumulating like floodwaters in front of a dam. The strain is so great that catastrophe is inevitable. Soon the dam will give way. The energy that has accumulated within people hides great danger. Until now, this energy has remained yet to be utilized. In the past as well as in the present, people have continued to demonstrate great cruelty. At present, millions of people are becoming the victims of human madness. Afterward, justification is found in external causes.

“Enormous amounts of gas, oil, and other resources are wasted due to the modern technical means of air, ground, water-based, and submarine warfare. Nature has strictly defined how much of these goods can be used. She severely punishes those who go too far with wastefulness. Human kind will bear the consequences for squandering these fuels.

“Unprotected cities are being bombed! … This terror is unprecedented! … Nobody has the right to deprive a human being of what God has given him. … When nations fight, this is not in accordance with the Will of God.” ~Biensa Douno

How To Sacrifice

Don’t get the wrong idea. Douno isn’t advising us to sacrifice animals or our children on an altar to some god of violence. He is talking about sacrificing personal comforts and desires in order to do God’s Will and make the world a better place for all of us. Sadly, we have many needy people today who don’t get this. Even sadder, we have many more who admire the greedy people who care nothing about other people or the environment.

Impending Catastrophe

Only those who keep their heads in the sand and the fantasies of Fox News can say that we are not already in an age of catastrophes. But the catastrophes that have happened in the last few decades will be mild compared to what is coming if we don’t do something to change it. The fate of our world is largely in our hands. God will not take over and fix it as long as we exercise our free will to refuse His aid. We were created to be participants in the process of creation. We need to start doing so but in a responsible way. That means following the Will of God. Following our own ideas is what creates catastrophe. The sacrifice of our own arrogance is the way to fix these problems.

Accumulating Forces

Accumulating forces behind a dam will lead to more catastrophe. If we rely on our own ideas and our limited human minds to solve the problems, we will fail. It will be worse than when environmentalists told us to stop using paper bags and start using plastic to save the forests. We all know how it was not a good move. But the plastic catastrophe could have been avoided if we obeyed God’s Will instead of mans. Now we are seeing natural catastrophes in the form of floods and fires. But while these are natural in a way, they are the result of our behavior and our thinking. We have the power to stop them.

Accumulating Forces can also happen within us. If we take in a lot of energy and don’t direct it the result is similar to what happens in the world. We may get angry easily. Or we may get headaches or other illnesses from the buildup of internal energies. To prevent that, we have to keep energy flowing through all our energy centers (chakras). Any clogged or weak chakra can prevent that flow. Then we also need to use the excess energy for some useful purpose. What is recommended is that you send that energy out to other beings full of thoughts of love, peace, and harmony. That will help them grow and help you as well. The sacrifice of isolationism and the promotion of unity will help get these energies flowing in a healthy way.

Waste and War

Douno says a lot of resources such as gas and oil are wasted in war. That is true, but the more important waste is that of human life. And most of us now know that using coal, gas, and oil as our primary fuels is foolish because of the environmental harm they do. The great thing about wind and solar power is that there isn’t likely to be any wars over them. No country or political group owns the wind or the sunlight. They might own some advanced method of turning those resources into electricity, but there are methods available to all. Since it is obvious that many wars can be prevented by using wind and solar, we have to wonder why so many governments continue to push fossil fuels. Using sensible fuels is not really a sacrifice unless you are looking for excuses to start wars.


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