human heart

Human Heart Rectified by Love

“The human heart can be rectified only through studying and serving. Do to others that which you want others to do for you.

“There is nothing nicer than Love. There is nothing lighter and brighter than Wisdom. There is nothing wider than Truth.

“Truth is the whole eternity. It has no borders. When you enter Wisdom, there everything is light and bright, everything is clean. When you enter Love, there life is peace, joy, all these things are there. So I am telling you, learn to serve God with all of your heart. This is the way without exception, for the righteous, and for the genius, and for the gifted, for all!

“If you are in insubordination, in contradiction with Love, suffering will come. If you are in contradiction with Wisdom, suffering will come. When you are in contradiction with the Truth, suffering will come. That is how the law is. For whoever it may be, it is like that!

“As soon as you put economies on your Love, it is all gone! Love does not bear any economies! You say, ‘Wait, I will love this one like this, that one like that!’ No, give everyone for free, give everyone in abundance, and do not put and economies into the Love.” ~Biensa Douno

Rectify the Human Heart

As with many spiritual and philosophical writers, Douno is saying heart when he really means soul. While our emotional and spiritual condition may have some effect on the physical heart, that is not what he is talking about. It is the soul that must serve God. It is the soul that must study truth, wisdom, and love. Not study in the mental sense, for the soul already knows these things deep down. It needs to be awakened and reacquainted with the truth and with the realms of spirit. Then it needs to share that with the mind as much as possible.

Nothing Nicer Than Love

There really is nothing Nicer than love. Real love is a recognition of our oneness with all. Every being is our brother or sister. St. Francis wasn’t going insane when he had his spiritual awakening and started calling animals, plants, and even the moon and the sun his brothers and sisters. That recognition is what real love is all about. The human heart, or more accurately the soul, knows this. Continue reading “Human Heart Rectified by Love”

God is spirit

God is Spirit: Herakleon’s Commentary

“’John 4:21 Believe me, woman, the hour is coming when not on this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you worship the father.’

The mountain signifies the devil or his world, since the devil was one part of the whole of matter, and the whole world is a mountain of evil, a deserted habitat of beasts, which all Jews who lived according to the law and all the gentiles worship. Jerusalem is the creation or the creator, whom Jews worship. In another sense the mountain is the creation, which the gentiles worship. But you as spiritual people will worship neither the creation nor the demiurge, but the father of truth. And he accepts her as one already faithful and who will be numbered among the worshipers in truth.

“‘John 4:22 You worship what you do not know.

These are the Jews and gentiles. As Peter teaches, “We must not worship in the Greek manner, accepting the works of matter and worshiping wood and stone, or in the Jewish manner worship the divine. They, thinking that they alone know god, do not know him, and worship angels and the month and the moon.

“‘John 4:23 God is spirit, and those worshiping must worship him in spirit and truth.’

Unpolluted and pure and invisible is his divine nature. And to be worthy of him who is worshiped one must worship in a spiritual, not a fleshly, way. For those who are of the same nature as the father are spirit and worship in truth and not in error.

“‘Matthew 9:37 The harvest is abundant but the field workers are few.’

This line refers to those ready for the harvest and for gathering into the barn, to go through faith into rest, and be prepared for salvation and receiving the word.

“’John 4:36 The reaper is taking his wages.’

This is said because the savior calls himself a reaper. And the wages of our lord are the salvation and restoration of those reaped.” ~Herakleon’s Commentary on the Gospel of John

This Mountain

I wouldn’t blame you for getting confused with this one. When spiritual people talk of a mountain top, they usually mean heaven, or at least the higher worlds of spirit. But Herakleon is saying that John means just the opposite in saying “this mountain”. Sometimes, you have to look at the context to understand what an allegory means in a specific instance. If you read more of John 4, you find that the woman has asked Jesus a question, saying that their ancestors worshiped on a mountain, yet He is telling his followers to worship in Jerusalem. His reply, therefore, is a warning that a time is coming when few will truly worship God anywhere. So it makes sense that in this case, the mountain means the Devil’s world or the world of matter, for only in the world of matter would people turn away from God, having no easy and direct contact with Him from this pit so distant from Heaven. I also have never heard of Jerusalem representing the Demiurge, but that also makes sense in this case.

Know What You Worship

In the case of the second commentary on John 4:22, it makes more sense when you add in the second half of the sentence so it reads: “ You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know …”. It is not so much that worship that which they do not know, but that they worship that which the priests tell them too. In other words, they have no personal experience of God so what they worship is a false God for even if the priests are doing their best to describe God, without personal knowledge of Him, you cannot really know Him. That is why the goal of any real spiritual school is to become One with God, even if only briefly, so one may know the truth. As for worshiping angels, it is more like they worship fallen angels, namely the Demiurge who loves to pretend to be God, or they worship angelic messengers sent to earth as teachers. They are not God, especially when they are in human form, and should not be worshipped as such.

God is Spirit

This is really the gist of it. God is Spirit. That is so important to understand it should be repeated frequently. God is Spirit. A man cannot be God. A physical being cannot be God. And God would never become a physical being since that would reduce Him to a lesser being, a faulty being. It would be like one of us volunteering to get a deadly cancer as part of a medical experiment. One more time, GOD IS SPIRIT! Therefore, if we are to know God, we must awaken and develop our spiritual faculties that lie dormant when we come into the fallen realm of matter. That is what it means when Herakleon says that we must worship God in spirit since God is Spirit. It is not good enough to believe in Him mentally for the mind is not spirit. We have to awaken our spiritual self and communicate with God just as the allegorical Adam and Eve did before the Fall into matter.

Ready for the Harvest

Here, Herakleon’s commentary is just as allegorical as the statement he is trying to explain so it isn’t much help. Those who are ready to harvest are those who have awakened and developed their spiritual faculties as much as is possible while trapped in a physical body. They are ready to become part of God’s Army. But don’t let the term “Army” confuse you. The soldiers of God do not fight with violence, but with love and forgiveness. They help the fallen to change and transform, they do not destroy them. They kill evil, by removing it from Man, not by killing men. They help people develop their spiritual self because, once again, God is Spirit.

The Reaper’s Wages

The reaper can be the Savior, or Jesus, as Heraklion says, but it can also be any of us who help others to turn away from devolution into matter and evolve back into spiritual beings. Their wage is that they help themselves as they help others. But don’t get the idea that God owes you anything because you have helped His cause. That is material thinking, capitalist thinking. God gives from His heart, not from a sense of debt. Nonetheless, helping the true God of Spirit save Man from the false god of matter will help you as well.

art of study

Art of Study is Not Just Memorizing

“There is an art of study. We were told in youth to study. We were never told how to study, or, in other words, how to get ideas. Committing to memory words, sentences, and rules, is not getting ideas. … If you commit to memory a great many words and sentences, you are simply over training a part or function of your mind. …

“Words are not ideas. They are only the signs or means by which, through the sense of sight or sound, a printed word or spoken word may represent an idea to the mind. …

“The more that is committed to memory, the greater the burden placed on the department of memory. … The memory is useful only to hold what is grasped by the spirit. No amount of book-learning can teach a man to sail a boat well. He must educate himself. When he learns through practice and many failures that the rudder must be kept in a certain position to counteract the force of the wind, his memory at last holds what such practice has taught him. … Did you learn to dance by first committing to memory the rules for the guidance of your steps? No, you received the idea from someone else who could dance. You absorbed that idea or thought.

“Every person, to learn quickly, must learn to throw himself in a certain mood of mind. That is the mood of serenity and repose.” ~Prentice Mulford

Memorizing is not Studying

If you are learning to be a carpenter, memorizing the names of the tools used by a carpenter may be helpful. Yet even after you have memorized all those names, you still don’t know how to be a carpenter. A parrot could have done the same, yet there is no chance that it will become a carpenter. There are times when memorizing is useful, and it is often a good first step to learning a new skill, but practice and experience are necessary for almost every skill except winning a spelling bee. And even with a spelling bee, memorizing the spelling of many words doesn’t mean you will be able to handle the pressure of being on stage or competing with other spellers.

Words are not Ideas

Many people would take offense at this claim by Mulford, but with few exceptions, he is correct. I think the only time a word could be said to be an idea is when something new is discovered or invented and they are trying to give it a name. Even then, once the thing has a name, the name is not the thing, not the idea, but a way of communicating the idea. That communication only works, however, if everyone agrees on what the word means. There are a lot of communication failures because different people have different ideas of what a word means. A simple example is that greed, which used to be a negative thing to almost all people, has somehow become a positive attribute to many.

The function of words is to form an image in the mind. It is that image which is the idea, not the word that represents it. Continue reading “Art of Study is Not Just Memorizing”

group thinking

Group Thinking Makes Complex Lifeforms Possible

“Each atom is to the yogi a living thing, leading its own independent life. These atoms combine into groups for some end and the group manifests a group intelligence, as long as it remains a group; these groups again combining in turn, and forming bodies of a more complex nature, which serves as a vehicle for for higher forms of consciousness. When death comes to the physical body the cells separate and scatter and that which we call decay sets in. The force which has held the cells together is withdrawn, and it becomes free to go its own way and form new combinations. Some go into the body of the plants in the vivinity, and eventually find themselves again in the body of an animal; others remain in the organism of the plant; others remain in the ground for a time, but the life of the atom means incessant and constsnt change. As a leading writer has said: ‘Deat is but an aspect of life, and the destruction of one material form is but a prelude to the building up of another.’” ~William Walker Atkinson

Living Thing

I’ve discussed this before, but it’s worth repeating for this post. When we say that a life form is living, we know what we mean, yet we cannot locate the life in that being. Life exists in it at the cellular level for sure and probably at the atomic level. I’ve also discussed that we are a hierarchy of life, at least on the physical level. We are not a single living entity but a conglomeration of billions of living beings. And that is true of all complex beings.

Start of Life

On the physical level, we know that single-celled lifeforms came first. At least that is the prevailing theory of science. That theory doesn’t explain how and why non-living atoms came together to form those living beings, but we will accept the theory at this point.

The next level of complexity in life came when some of these single cells began to cling together and form a multi-celled being. That most primitive form of multi-celled life

Sponge near diver

is the sponge still found today in the oceans (and bearing little resemblance to Spongebob Squarepants). In a sponge, there are no specialized cells of any kind. Each cell is the same, like bricks in a brick wall. And yet the spange is able to function as a true multi-celled animal in many ways. It serves as a good example, though, for the point that even in the most complex of beings, each cell is an independent lifeform.

Group Thinking

Each of those cells thinks independently, yet they are also engaging in group thinking an multiple levels, as Atkinson notes in the quote. Group thinking has been given a negative connotation today. That is because many see it as the same thing as herd mentality and crowd mentality, but each of those things is slightly different and the first two have more positive aspects than negative ones.

One of the best examples to illustrate positive group thinking is to watch a large flock of birds in flight. The leader of the flock can make a turn and all the others follow with collisions being very rare. In essence, their tiny bird minds are linked together while in flight so the thoughts of one are the thoughts of all. You might call it flock consciousness.


While crowd mentality can certainly be a negative thing, the type of group thinking, or group consciousness, Atkinson is talking about is a positive thing. But whether positive or negative, it is a reality. Individual cells of living beings are conscious on the most basic level. When they group together for a specific purpose, they have a group mentality that is generally useful. We would not live long, for example, if each of our blood cells decided on its own what it was going to do. The fact that all red blood cells carry food and oxygen to all cells in the body makes living possible. The fact that all white cells fight disease, among other things, helps us stay alive and healthy. So even though the cells remain separate, they still engage in a primitive group thinking that allows them to function as if they made up an organ of the body.

Group Thinking in Man

In other cases, different cells form organs like the heart, liver, and longs in more complex beings. Each organ has a group mentality that allows it to perform its function. And all the organs and other parts of a complex lifeform like a human engage in group thinking as a total being so when we want to walk forward, we don’t have one leg trying to go forward and the other going in reverse. While it might be argued that the brain is controlling all of this, there is growing evidence that the mind, especially the subconscious mind that handles such thing as walking and breathing, is not completely in the brain but is spread out and may function separate from the body entirely. In other words, the complete consciousness of a person is not just the brain-mind, but also the group thinking of every cell in the body.

Group Thinking of Spirit and Soul

Is group thinking limited to the physical world? Probably not. In fact, most spiritual and mystery schools have taught for ages that a form of group thinking does function in the spiritual realms. The primary goal of spiritual development is to unite the soul with God or the Universal Consciousness. Forst, of course, we have to awaken the soul. Then we can start developing group thinking on the spiritual level as well as the physical. Then one day we may again be a single Consciousness of All mad up of many individual bits of consciousness.